Tribe is a high energy rock band that keeps a crowd bouncing. The music has a originality implementing heavy riffs and rhythmic grooves with wide vocal ranges. We just finished recording our album Misery available on our website.


Decades of combined professional experience define this high energy metal band from Denver Colorado. Tribe was formed in 1999 and has experienced every type of tragedy and short coming hinder it's inevitable progress. Through patience and fate, four unstoppable forces have come together forming the most stable, dedicated hard working tribe ever! And we don't see that changing. TRIBE IS: Dustin/Vocals, Lionel/Drums, Scott/Bass and Doug/Guitar.
We are one of the biggest drawing bands around the Denver metro area and have played with many local and national acts. We want to thank all for your support! We have just finished up or 1st LP recording in our studio entitled Misery and we are working on our next release.


Psychosis - 4 song EP, Self recorded & produced 2002.
Lost - 8 song LP, Recorded at Global Sound Studio 2004.
Misery - 9 song LP, Self recorded and produced 2007.

Set List

Our typical set list is the nine tunes on our newest Misery release. Nine songs covering about 50 minutes. We do part of a Pink Floyd cover for an intro sometimes but play all our own songs. We have enough material for 11/2 hours.