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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



"I love it"
-Mark Eitzel (American Music Club)

“Very cool, like an urban Zappa”
-Vinnie Colaiuta (Drummer: Sting, Zappa)

“I really enjoy these guys….who the hell are they?!”
-Don Dixon (Producer: REM, Matthew Sweet, Marshall Crewnshaw, Smithereens)

“Me and Heidi love your record!”
-Stew (Negro Problem)

“Very sophisticated arrangements wrapped around great, diverse, intelligent melodies and big, lush soundscapes”
-Brad Wood (Producer: Ben Lee, Liz Phair, Pete Yorn)

"I love Tribeca's in-your-face pop sensibilities mixed with their sophisticated jazz-pop arrangements. This is the good stuff."
-Ronan Chris Murphy (Producer/Engineer: King Crimson, Chucho Valdez)

“Very accomplished musicianship and highly original songwriting…Nobody’s doin’ stuff like this”
-Max Hart (Spymob)

"...Great. Steely Dan, Tears For Fears, Todd Rundgren, all sorts of cool [influences]..."
-Bryan Beller (Mike Keneally Band)

"Check out Tribeca's upcoming CD 'Incident At The Metropolis', which includes the killer tune 'Hueponica'. Congrats to the band for some much needed great new music and vocals. Bravo!"
-Dawayne Bailey (Chicago)

"A chance for you to dip your toes in Steely Dan-ish ecstasy whilst imagining Joe Jackson recording his version of Aja. With three guitars, some horns, bass, drums and smoky vocals, this collective get more done in under a half an hour than some get done on a four-CD box set. The title track here stands to become the infectious groove of 2004. 4 stars."

-Ben Eshbaugh (The Sugarplastic)

"It sounds really good, kinda 'Skylarking' era XTC meets 'Talking Book' era
Stevie Wonder." -- Jonathan Lea (The Jigsaw Seen)

"Impressive stuff, great musicianship. Each song was totally different than
the previous -- I love that. The sound is off the hook, can't wait to hear
- Phil Smoot (The Holidays)

"Great music -- jazz overtones with the melodic sensibility of Neil
- Scott MacPherson (Tiny Volcano)

"Tribeca is great - sophisticated and catchy with bits of Steely Dan and
Kevin Gilbert popping in through."
- Andrew Jones (

"Tribeca is killer; Keneally Dan, if you will."
-Chuck Padgett
- Various


Debut LP September 27, 2005:

Current Los Angeles FM public airplay of "Hueponica"


Feeling a bit camera shy


"When I began writing these songs, I was living with a group of chess-playing graffiti bombers in an old recording studio across from a garbage incinerator in Brooklyn. Under those circumstances, the city literally makes an impact on your style," recounts Dave English, one of three songwriter-vocalists for Los Angeles-based Tribeca.
"First and foremost, we’re a group of songwriters whose goal is to create interesting modern pop music. We share a love for the eclecticism of groups like XTC, so our style shifts gears a lot. We’re all about sonic variety-creating multiple layers that reveal themselves over time with repeated listens."

Tribeca’s debut album, INCIDENT AT THE METROPOLIS, is an ambitious collection of compositions that disregard the prevailing trends in adult-oriented alternative music, juxtaposing wistfully upbeat Australian jangle-pop with jazz-rock that hasn’t been so convincingly out of its era since Sting’s DREAM OF THE BLUE TURTLES. The three songwriters engage in a game of one-upsmanship that finds cohesiveness only in unpredictability and the centrality of the keyboard, used schizophrenically from densely clustered harmonic pads to atonal grooves. Lyrically, the classic conflicts of urban history are contextualized in the lives of the storytellers-rich vs. poor, capitalism vs. socialism, art vs. commerce are the intellectual ghosts haunting emotional façades of identity and relationships.

Matthew Gaskins, multi-instrumentalist savant of the trio, studies sitar under Ustad Imrat Khan and is responsible for the albums’ two epics, "Hueponica" and "Two Days After (My Attempted Suicide)," which upon hearing, prompted drumming demi-god Vinnie Colliuta to liken him to an "urban Zappa." Previous appearances at South by Southwest yielded a cult following for Gaskins’ genre-bending 53 Large Men in the late 90’s. "We wrote rebellious, weird stuff, and that core of originality still guides my writing," says Gaskins, "but there’s an emotionality to it now that didn’t exist before when it was just off-beat melodies and rhythms."

Kerry Chicoine's buoyant compositions, meanwhile, add power-pop exuberance to the mix. Through the 90's Chicoine sowed the seeds of LA's underground pop scene as co-founder of NotLame recording artists Receiver (regulars on the International Pop Overthrow circuit up through 2003), as well as lending various music skills to LA pop mainstays Cloud Eleven (aka Jiffipop) and The Dons. Chicoine also released, via Top Fuel Records, a solo album entitled "Sweet", as well as providing contributions to various compilations including the forthcoming A TRIBUTE TO XTC: KING FOR A DAY.

"And then ‘Hueponica’ brought us all together," Dave continues. "I got about 30 seconds into an Internet stream of it before I called up Matt and told him we had to do this together. You just don’t hear people in the pop world writing modern variations on the Steely Dan style—it shows a certain fuck-you attitude towards the prevailing trends, a preoccupation with good music regardless of style. A few months later I heard Kerry executing these long, involved acoustic guitar themes at a Silver Lake coffeehouse gig, passed ‘Hueponica’ to him, and he was hooked."

As for the LP’s title-"The thing that united us was coming of age in one metropolis or another, where there’s so much of the best and worst of everything seemingly at arm’s length that your ambition becomes difficult to manage. But most of what you see is behind glass and it takes a while before you really have the resources to know what you want and how to get it."

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