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Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
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"Thirteen - Review"

These darlings of the Austin music scene produce edgy ethereal power pop, showcased in fine form on their debut full-length album Thirteen. The group dips its toes into pseudo-Britpop, indie rock, prog, shoegaze, and even math rock. The result is a gleaming multifaceted expanse, leaping joyously from rhythm to rhythm–often within the same song–while still achieving a constancy of sound that successfully unifies the album. - Feminist Review

"Thirteen - Review"

With cool atmospheric guitars and vocals that are sometimes slightly reminiscent of Bjork, these girls have come up with an album that is both satisfying and unique. - babysue

"Thirteen - Review"

'Deal Breaker' is up there as one of the finest songs I have heard so far this year... [Tribella] invoke memories of early '90's stalwarts the Breeders and latterly Blonde Redhead, while also rubbing against the pop grain of the Cardigans. - EasyMusicForDifficultEars

"Tribella: Music to celebrate the sudden sunshine"

Tribella has touches of '90s indie pop rocker and fellow Austinite Abra Moore, particularly in Sarah Glynn's vocals, both breathy and powerful at once... the result is an album [Thirteen] that you'll swallow happily, but not guiltily - this is well-crafted pop. Pop you can feel good about. - Austin Eaves Dropper

"Thirteen - Review"

The local all-girl trio Tribella shimmers with Thirteen, 10 songs so deliciously sweet and deftly crafted with divine innocence that they're as fresh as the April mornings of late, employing Bananarama vocals with Breeders guts to deliver a solid three-star debut. - Austin Chronicle

"My Guest List - EP Review"

Lead vocalist/guitarist Sarah Glynn has a warm register with both earthy and ethereal tints... The album [My Guest List] is an offering that you can pop into your CD player and leave on repeat without worrying about your tastes straying away. - Hybrid Magazine

"These 3 Belles Mean Business"

Their latest album, ‘My Guest List’ was hammered out last year in an Austin studio, and it’s terrific stuff. The new CD only has six cuts, but you’ll be hard-pressed to dislike any of them. ‘Saucer Eyes’ spits out some saucy lyrics, and it’s probably my favorite and not just because it has what feels like a little Texas twist at the end. ‘How Long’ roars and rolls as if you were a jackrabbit squatting on the center stripe and they were the semi-truck with the pedal to the metal. You might have to restrain yourself from breaking chairs. It’s all good stuff, and it should sound even better bouncing off the walls of The Blue Fugue (Columbia, MO). Show up, little men, and enjoy. - Columbia Daily Tribune

"Female Pop Trio Makes Headway"

"With its promising EP 'My Guest List' and a powerful stage presence, power-pop trio Tribella dispels the stereotype that female groups in music are nothing more than pretty faces." - The Daily Texan

"Americana UK EP Review"

"‘My Guest List’ is a confident, melodic & strident opening salvo... sounding something like Interpol’s charming younger sisters." - Americana UK

"Austin Music Minute"

After a series of projects that didn't exactly work out the way they were supposed to, the talented triumvirate of musicians known as Tribella finally got together in Austin to play some great music. Featuring Sarah Glynn on guitar and vocals, Rae Goldring on bass, and Dena Gerbrecht on drums, Tribella has the kind of contagious, catchy melodies that blend well with a sharp wit and quirkiness. They're equal parts indie and power pop, with just the right amount of new wave put in for good measure.

They're playing a show tonight at a great little place calledLovejoy's on 604 Neches St. Tribella will go on at 11 p.m., in between The Breathers at 10 p.m. and The Summer Wardrobeat midnight. Three great bands complimenting a great atmosphere. Highly recommended to start your chock-full ACL weekend, kids. - Texas Music Matters

"Song of The Day"

Tribella is a brand new, all girl trio from right here in Austin, Texas. The band has crafted a sound that’s a perfect blend of pop-rock and new wave, but their attention to song craft is what sets this band apart from others in the local music scene. - KUT 90.5 FM

"Top Song Pick"

Week 6/8/09 - 5. Tribella - “Saucer Eyes” -Girl power, fun jangly stuff from Austin,TX. - Lucid Culture (NYC)

"Washington D.C.-Live Review"

The Red & The Black (6/24). This Austin, TX all-woman trio admirably channel several indie pop progenitors (I won’t use Liz Phair, even though it is fair {ha!}). Guitarist/singer Sarah Glynn’s slick fretwork fleshing out the rhythm section’s Interpol-esque drive quickly puts to rest any notion that you’re in for a night of some cute girls playing simple bar chord songs about how stupid boys are. These ladies are power poppers goddamnit! -

"Confident Austin Trio heads to Two Stick"

The Daily Texan reported that Tribella ‘dispels the stereotype that female groups in music are nothing more than pretty faces.’ Get your full dose of new wave, indie, power pop at Two Stick (Oxford, MS) on Saturday, June 27. - Oxford Town (cover story)

"Tonight at Momo's"

THE LADIES TAKE MOMO'S Resisting the urge to point out that it is not one "mo" but two, we highly endorse this night where local gals Tribella and the lanky lusciousness that is Sarah Bettens take over Momo's. Fri., Oct. 24. Momo's, 618 W. Sixth, 479-8848. - Austin Chronicle - Show Recommend


"Thirteen" - to be released Feb 2010
"My Guest List" EP - released January 2009

"Saucer Eyes" - spins on KUT
"My Guest List" - spins on KUT
"Saucer Eyes" - spins on KGSR
"Saucer Eyes" - spins on KLBJ
"Saucer Eyes"-spins on Soundcheck360
"My Guest List"-spins on KLBJ
"CSUS4"-spins on KLBJ
"My Guest List"-spins on WFPK
"How Long"-spins on KTSW



by Jonathan Widran
EMERGING WITH THEIR DEBUT EP MY GUEST LIST at SXSW two years ago, Tribella has established itself as a mainstay on the local Austin scene, performing with a host of other renowned independent bands and embarking in April of 2010 and June of 2009 on a 23-show US tours throughout the Midwest, East Coast, and South East. Based in Austin, the trio—whose sound defies pat labeling but draws from 80s new wave, progressive and indie rock influences—performs regularly at hotspots like The Mohawk, Antone’s and Emo’s; their CD release party for Thirteen was at Lambert’s on February 27.

Tribella’s tour schedule has taken them everywhere from The Beachland in Cleveland and The Frequency in Madison, to TT the Bear's in Boston and The Basement in Nashville. They've shared bills with: Sarah Bettens (K’s Choice), Girl In A Coma, Reign of Kindo, The Black Hollies, Why Make Clocks, Soap Stars, Punch Drunk Poets and Kid:Nap:Kin.

With every performance, the trio has been winning audiences over with their adroit musicianship, nervy attitude, and stunningly intricate and emotive songs. KUT’s Texas Music Matters wrote: “The band has crafted a sound that’s a perfect blend of pop-rock and new wave, but their attention to song craft is what sets this band apart from others in the local music scene." While their influences range from 80s pop to traditional jazz, they consistently evoke a nostalgia for 90’s alternative rock bands like Belly, Liz Phair and Jane’s Addiction, and – with their infusion of elaborate melodies and syncopated rhythms – bring to mind progressive bands like Yes, Rush and Muse.

“When I moved here several years ago, I had just released a solo CD and was gigging around town promoting that album. I knew Rae through playing shows... It was obvious right away that Rae and I made a great team and that we were amazingly like-minded. Dena had just moved to town from San Francisco and word spread that there was this great new female drummer I should meet. When the three of us first got together, we weren’t sure it would work and were all a bit nervous, but once we started playing it felt powerful and there was a unique chemistry. Tribella has been creatively liberating for all of us.”

Combining the trio’s dynamic musicianship with emotionally charged lyrics, the songs on Tribella’s album are named after time signatures (“13” is from the track’s unusual meter 13/8) and chord structures (“CSUS4” for one of the prominent chords within the progression). “13” comes from a place of uncertainty in a push-pull relationship with a lover who moved away, while “Deal Breaker”—the jamming opener —draws inspiration from a recurring nightmare Sarah had as a child about being trapped in a basement with flickering lights and strangers speaking foreign languages; she now applies the metaphor to the fear that is aroused when people focus on their differences rather than on what is universal. “CSUS4” toys with the notion of super stardom and being stalked by paparazzi.

“My hope is that every time we play, people are affected by the passion and sincerity we collectively put forth" says Sarah, "And when I can sense that the audience is responding and even jumping up and down, I know they’re getting it and that’s very gratifying.”

Tribella are Sarah Glynn (lead vocalist and guitarist), Rae Golding (bassist) and Dena Gerbrecht (drummer/backing vocalist). Their highly anticipated full-length album Thirteen DEBUTED on February 27, 2010.