Tribe of Judah

Tribe of Judah


We are completely blessed to be given these amazing gifts of music and the freedom to use them to worship God. We're an intense band that is active on stage. We're motivated by Jesus Christ and our primary objective is to glorify Him.

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Divine Romance

Written By: Tribe of Judah

Breath into my lungs, I only see You
Lover of my soul, how I need You
Your Beauty shines all around me
Your Mercy reigns, Your Love is overwhelming

I'll scream and shout how I love You
I'll sing til my lungs give out how I love You
It's all for You my God

Lion and the Lamb reigning forever
Forgiveness is the start, I'm living for You
I jumped into the water without You
But You're Power, Grace, Almighty One
Your Love is overwhelming