Tribe of Souls

Tribe of Souls


Sometimes acoustic funky reggae metal ska. There's too much music to limit your influences or your creativity so we mix them all together and put our own stank on it.


If experience counted for anything, you'd be reading about Tribe of Souls in Rolling Stone. Until then, this will have to suffice. The individual members of TOS have been making noise in various projects for the past 15+ years, and Tribe has been playing in various incarnations off and on since 1996. Over this time, a few members have changed and a few side projects have popped up, but the core of the sound has always remained Brian Simmons on guitar/vocals. Long time friend (20 or so years) and former side project bassist Terry Waska joined about 2 years ago and our most recent acquisition is Doc on drums. As well as being a great drummer, Doc is also a talented guitarist, music teacher, song writer and dog groomer. His influence has led us toward more 2 and 3 part harmonies and new direction for song ideas.

Diversity is the key to Tribe's tunes. We've all known each other for so long, that we all know where each others head is at - it's intuitive, and that comes across in the creative process as well as playing live. Aside from the difficulty is in classifying Tribe of Soul's original music (Rockfunkska isn't a word. We prefer the term “non-genre”), our live shows may vary from a stripped down acoustic coffee house vibe to an all-out in-your-face crunchy rock assault, depending on the circumstances. Regardless of the style du jour, we're fans of all types of music, so we put the same heart into it whether it's acoustic or electric. At the core of our sound is a mix of old school rock and reggae, so it’s not uncommon to break out a funk version of a Metallica song or a psychedelic version of a Kiss classic.

Longevity has given us insight into the creative process (if something sucks, don't play it), and experience has given us insight into how a band should work (never play for less than free beer).


Tribe's latest release is Acoustic Love Monkey in the spring of '06. We plan to hit the studio in the summer to record the follow up, tentatively titled "Electric Love Monkey".
We like monkeys.

Set List

Peace Love
Wake Up
No Regrets
Man Inside
What Are We Fighting For
Behind The Wheel
Little Plastic Souls
If We Stand
Leaving Song
Code Among Thieves
In Chains
Wake Up
Heads Above Water

Peace Love & Understanding – Elvis Costello
Funk & Destroy – Metallica
Many Rivers – Jimmy Cliff
I Will Follow - U2
Blind Eye – Pound Hound
Rocket Ride – Kiss
Ride On Pony – Free
Behind The Sun – Red Hot Chili Peppers
River Of Deciet – Mad Season