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Born Free

Written By: Ammo, Chioma, Nao, Chioma

I don't need you to love me,

I'm a rainbow child

I was born free

I don't need you to need me

Look at my aura glow

I am royalty

I don't need you to see me

I can see, I can see, I can see…


Don't need you to be the wind through

The guitar strings in my footsteps

I got plenty breath of my own,

It carries down miles and rain

I call it whole


I got many long ways to go

I got many quiet nights to rest up alone

I got many memories of loving myself

to hold close


Confidence is not a privilege

For the exclusive club of

Elitist soul snatchers who

Borrowed their crown from

My great grandmothers stolen shrine

Confidence is a gift given by

The universe to all who choose

To use it

So, I stand where I must, chest thrust,

With pride holding me up on the left,

Grace on the right,

And humility in the center


You can't talk me into pieces,

Only I decide where my heart lives

And truth is, you will not be

The kiss of comfort where sunsets

And the wall I carry and call

Protection melts back into humanness


I do not exist in the saliva of the human condition

To be spit into pails

And emptied in sidewalk cracks

Between the arms of weeds

I do not exist in a lover's grin

Or in the grinding teeth of too many nightmares

Walking in the crease of strangled pillows

I do not exist in the point of a finger

Or in the hands dusty

From the decay of childhood dreams


Because even though I love you

I don't need you

Feel my deepest self calling me

To believe that I have every night

To love as a I choose

Make space

To love as I choose

Make space when

I need to move

Find someone who can

Truly cherish me

Find myself and be free


I was born free.

It's a privilege I fight for daily

And these defenses are not

Mechanical –

Cannot be broken down and reassembled


In my maturing spiritual state,

I enter this sacred space where

Old world confronts the new

And I now know that my role

Is to sing the rhythm of the


Stepping into my place as

Warrior griot priestess

With the pride, grace and humility

The prophecies said we'd need for the

Revelationary incantation after incantation

To please the gate keepers of Earthship

So they let us on for the ride 7 generations forward


I will not scrub my history from your body

Or forgive you for wearing it

I will not look away when you approach me

Or bear the shame of your thoughts

I will not walk on my knees to increase your height

Or break into pieces to make you whole


And my spirit guides me through weapons

Held over tongues and fists

Pointed: spick

Pointed: nigga

Pointed: worthless

Pointed: war

Pointed woman

Pointed: worthless

Pointed: cross seas

Pointed: New York Times

And don't dell me those headlines aren't pointed at me

41 shots and there's a phoenix in my throat

Don't mistake embers for ash

Or a wallet for a gun

Or a person for a number


Words do not shatter like bodies

But their splintered edges show the markings of a soul

Ensnared in the traps of a timeline

And we will never disguise ourselves from our ancestors

We are their twins

Conjoined from year to year

And if you remember truthfully

You will remember that you are no better

Than the woman in front of you

And no worse

You will remember that hands are meant for clasping

For holding stories in our palms

As I have held mine without you

And I have reached across the wounds of generations

To find you

I don't need you

To remember or to smile

But I want you –

I want both of us –

To see the scratches of our existence

And to have the courage to heal


So I reflect me so I can be me

For us –

144,000 chosen to move forward

No more rehearsals, this verse has expired!

Like palm juice,

I have fermented to a potent hallucengeic content–

Reversing my drunken state of

EVER thinking that the

Eurocentric patriarchy tells ME what to think – ha!

Reserving my drunken state forward

To a sobered inner calm pattern that

Stomps to the rhythm of

"I can see I can see I can see…"

Song from a Distant Present

Written By: Chioma

Tell me: where are our new age leaders?
Are they too far lost they can't hear this?
Is this task far too demanding?
Are we so scared there's no one left standing?
How can we ask for change?
When we refuse to rearrange...when we refuse to rearrange.

Don't get the system twisted,
It was the man who fixed it,
creating crazy logic and expecting
us to kiss it
and bless it
In our christian basdertized type sermon,
inventing red tailed devils
and forgetting life sized demons

They told us to forget it.
(even though, it's they who wrecked it)
raping our minds,
molesting our souls
and steady hating us
And 500 years down the road
they ask us "what's the fuss?"

We know just what's expected
and yet we still just let it -
Closing our eyes,
Drowning our minds
in dollar bill green signs
Stunted and dumb,
Infected and numb,
overlooking the signs of times.

We wait for the messiah
Who lives in places higher
Forgetting once learned glory
that has taught us we're all fighters!

running away, and acting like prey,
like roaches in a sink -
scrambling for covers,
kicking our brothers without a
thought to think.

We have no rights of passage
and yes we're still in bondage
trapped by the tube and scared to be nude in fear of what you'll see
looking around,
and tumbling down,
Is this our destiny?

I ask this simple question,
I wait for resurrection,
the time has passed the hour
when we're taking bashful showers,
timid and weak,
subservient and meek,
and scared of our own light!
It's not time to be shy,
Stand up to lies,
The time has come to fight!

I end in my conclusion,
my only one solution,
my purpose is this lesson
that is teaching revolution
but if you choose to listen
You're steps ahead of this mission
that's taking us home and back
to our throne and foward
to break new ground
My last words to you,
are simple and true:

Make noise without a sound.


Written By: Chioma

I was born
on one thursday
in the middle of chaotic display
Lagos go-slow
Stuck in colonial times
that taught us that
we must fall apart.
But in my heart,
and my soul too,
I just knew that my body must go to
Turtle Island to heal
(like I'm supposed to)
in order to realize beyound these
crooked lies
that we're worthless
wicked worshippers,
evil people saved by
the crucifix,
Jesus loving
marching footsoldiers,
doing just what
the masta
told ya!
Destroying shrines
(and our minds)
now I'm healed and
I'm here to remind
That we are are,
Yes we are,
and we are

In defiance,
justifiably being righteous!
It's because
we're born to play this part -
moving along with truth
that speaks to our hearts

In America, God's own people,
Propaganda used to deceive you
I became a restless warrior -
Intiated to my clan
(clenched fists fo the hand)
I studied oracles and miracles
and rituals and yoga and qi gong and love and life
with no need for a gun or a knife.
I'm training to be a wife and
and mother
for this prophecized new nation
Venus called me to this destination
Star children reunite!
We've got much to fight!

Because we're living in definance
justifiably being righteous
it's because we're born to
play this part:
moving along with truth that speaks to our hearts

Globalizing revelations,
telepathic commumications
Tune up your rebel frequencies -
Letting ancestors
move you to destiny
and in me you'll see you
and when I act, I'll reflect you:

Black people warriors of the sea,
Red people mothers of the earth
Brown people shamans of the air,
White people keepers of the fire
and all people must desire to be free
in order to see that

We're living
in definance
justifiably being rigtheous
It's because we're born
to play this part
moving along with truth
that speaks to our hearts.