Fauzi Beydoun & Tribo de Jah

Fauzi Beydoun & Tribo de Jah


A Brazilian reggae band composed mostly by blind musicians making a mix with regional sounds, blues, etc.


Tribo de Jah was formed in Maranhão, a state in the North of Brazil by four blind musicians and two other members. The band has been playing for 22 years all around the world in different languages (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese). The band conquered thousands of loyal fans specially in Brazil with consistent lyrics and a very original sound that makes the band unique in its style. The band released already 14 albums and two dvds, the last ond called Live in Amazon.

The history of the band ”Tribo de Jah” began in the School of Blind in the northern state of Maranhão, where four blind musicians and a fifth musician with partial vision (only in one eye), started to develop a taste for music, improvising instruments and discovering timbres and chords.
Later they began to carry on their dreams and they started to perform shows in public at dances in the capital of Maranhão (Sao Luiz) and other cities in the interior of the state, presenting covers of Seresta, Reggae and Lambada. It was at this moment that the well-known broadcaster Fauzi Beydoun appeared. Born in São Paulo, the son of Italian/Lebanese immigrants who already had spent four years on the Coast d’Ivory (Africa), Fauzi was a great aficionado of the reggae culture which was effervescent in Sao Luis and which was an almost inexplicable phenomenon in Brazilian land of Maranhão. Invading initially the ghettos, reggae later took hold all over the city, the interior of the province, and then the neighboring states.

This musical style which would originate the under the name of "BRAZILIAN JAMAICA”, swept like a wave to the capital Maranhão. Hundreds of clubs of reggae with their "radiolas" (powerful equipment of sound that charged the rhythm when still was not touched in the mainstream radio stations) opened their doors and later opened the door to diverse programs of radio shows that finally would come to spread the message of reggae to the masses.

It was on this thought that “Tribo de Jah” spread its reggae roots with messages of love, peace, social politics, and divine intervention in Life.

After ten years of hard work, the band culminated its original quest on main stage of reggae world-wide (REGGAE SUNSPLASH FESTIVAL - JAMAICA 95). The band now is the top selling Brazilian artists in the four cantons of Brazil (Belém, Porto Alegre, Canecão / Metropolitam and Olimpia - São Paulo) plus many international points (Argentina, French Guyana, Europe, and the USA). The group now has 14 top selling albums to their credit.




Written By: Fauzi Beydoun

If you really had gone
At least I would have some
Special reasons to remind
As you didn't come
I still feel lonesome
Wondering if one day you'll be mine.
I cross these cold roads ,
I start feeling old
Years pass so quickly .
Time has no pity,
I find no warmth in town

You went like a shine,
A lighting while ,
A blaze intense
Resisting lighted and dense,
Spreading its heat all around.

A wild kiss on your mild lips
Set my blood on fire ,
Flowing in my veins, boiling in my brain
It seems never to expire.
Such a feeling burns like fire,
It's a flame , the name is desire.

Deep down in the ocean

Written By: Fauzi Beydoun

Everytime I try my best to get closer ,
I find a wide distance to cover as if I had to cross an ocean,
It's like if I had to cross an ocean.

You hide a heart secret , it seems so intense ;
Under the ice of your silence,
Like a lost treasure, deep down in the ocean ;
it's like a lost treasure deeps down in the ocean
The tears and fears, the pain you feel
Are not so real if only you see them,
Just like past things, just like times of old
One day we will be away and we will look back
To theses little past things , just like times of old

We still have a long way , together we can stay
And I wanna take you to share a life of light,
A life of love and truth; all these bad past things
Will make no difference, No more sense for me and you

We will be away floating in the ocean ,
So far away , in the Cosmic Ocean .
So we will be away , floating in the ocean ,
So far away , just like twin waves,
In the Cosmic Ocean.

Jah aqui e agora

Written By: Fauzi Beydoun

Compositor: Fauzi Beydoun
Eu já não me lembro mais
Quantas jornadas seguidas
Passadas, Perdidas
Chegadas, Partidas
Vidas e vidas vividas deixadas pra trás

Milênios e mundos atravessei
E quando vagando eu me
Eu não sabia
Oh, Deus!
Que eu trazia
Um tesouro esquecido, comigo escondido em meu eu
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Eu nem sonhava
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Que ali estavas
E me acompanhavas
Mesmo se eu ignorava
Sempre estivestes e estarás
Mesmo em meio ao vazio do nada
Como também aqui estás
Neste instante, neste lugar

Permita o Pai que eu viva enfim
A paz duradoura
De todas as experiências
A mais realizadora
O êxtase sem fim
A cósmica consciência
Que é sentir em mim
A vossa divina presença

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
É tão bom saber
Que habitas em meu ser
Como em todo ser
E sempre serás
Em todo lugar
Como nesta exata hora
Sei que aqui estás
Aqui, agora, Oh Jah.

Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Se hoje estou aqui
Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Tudo eu devo a ti
E somente a ti
O que eu trago em meu eu
Ó imutável Deus
Espírito universal
Amado Pai

Love to the world , Peace to the people

Written By: Fauzi Beydoun

The way the world is moving now
Show it's having absolutely no direction
We hear too much talking , vain discussions
Making more and more bad impressions
Just empty speech, not more than this
There are so many new technologies, politics and strategies
So many new churchs, news beliefs ,
new sciences and philosophies,
So many projects , so many plans
But nothing so urgent and evident
As to give the world love indeed ,
To give people what they need, so let's give...

Love to the world, peace to the people

Everyone has to give their original and unique contribuition
Silently, peacefully,
you can make your own and personal revolution,
Don't need no guns, no ammunition...
No matter where you're from , or who you are
But the best you get inside, deep in your heart
We just need to tune our minds on the right
On God's love vibe,
So we can share and spread light
Let's do it good, as far , as far as we could
Politicians and Presidents , citizens from all continents,
Come along to give some more....

Love to the world , peace to the people

Together we can shake the world
With some blessed and massive love
Minds and hearts with the same purpose,
Vibration is gonna be so strong
Running the planet as big stream
Making it better
Making it pure and clean
So come along to show...

Love to the world , peace to the people

Sister Lover

Written By: Fauzi Beydoun

Sister Lover

Sister lover, I guess you're ready now
To hit the road, to keep the seat by my side;
It ain't that easy, you gonna have to proof
To live and love, roaming all the time...

Down on the road, as far as we go,
Things may seem so hard;
Down on the road,
The farthest you go,
You feel the distance hurting in your heart.

Sister love, I've got to teel you this,
I wanna love you so, wherever we go.
I wanna test your love, never tell me lies
Forcing me to follow alone, letting, letting you behind...

Down on the road, as far as we go,
It may be not too, too bad.
Down on the road, the farthest we go,
We still can share the same, same bed.

Little sister, the farthest we are,
Love gonna make us feel home, feel so fine;
True love will always triumph so,
Lets cross the roads and let the light of our love shine.

Down on the road, love gonna makes us feel home,
Feel so fine...
Down on the road, down on the cosmic road.

Cease the fire

Written By: Fauzi Beydoun

Cease The Fire

Cease the fire, cease the fire in the forest
Or we all shall burn.
Cease the fire, cease the fire in the forest
Or we all shall burn.
If we can't, if we can't save the Earth life,
How would we survive.
This is a call, a call from the Amazon,
The forest call.
Brothers ans sisters,
All the global citzens,
This concerns us all;
We got to find a way,
We got to fight
With no guns, no hate,
To save Earth life;
Before is too late, too late,
Before is too late.

Wild Lady

Written By: Fauzi Beydoun

I won't wait another day,
I won't try another unfruitful night;
I regret the time I wasted
Searching for true loving
But feeling only guilty and lonely
As if I had a crime in mind...

This kind of loving
Brought only doubts and pain to my heart
Such kind of loving
Would make me eternally unhappy
and unsatisfied...
Yeah, yeah , yeah...

Wild lady ,
Lady, lady, lady wild lady,
Wild lady,
Lady , lady , lady , wild lady

You're like a panther
Hidden in the dark,
Wish I would never enter
The zone of your attack;
I'm not the hunt
To feed your desire,
Just need to feel loved,
Alove sweet and mild...
Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Wild lady ,
Lady, lady , lady wild lady
Wild lady
Lady ,lady,lady wild lady

So in Love

Written By: Fauzi Beydoun


I went wrong, I can’t denie;
How I wish I could apologyse;
I do anything for you, girl;
‘Cause I’m so in love with you.

All the plans we made side by side
Are still alive on my mind;
It just depends on you;
‘Cause I’m so in love with you.

Now I know exactly what’s like,
How it feels, how it hurts a broken heart;
Don’t let me suffer this way, so confuse…
More and more I realize,
You’re the love of my life;
The only girl I really loved for true…

‘Cause I’m so in love;
Truly, truly in love;
So deeply in love with you.


The band is just releasing "Live in Amazon", a dvd with the hit "Cease the Fire". This song brings a call from the forest with a direct and simple message: ...'cease the fire in the forest or we all shall burn'.

Set List

The band performance takes normally two hours and those are some of the mains hits played in the show:
1. Babylon on Fire
2. Uma Onda Que Passou (a version from Sublime's "Santeria).
3. Police and Thieves (a conver from Junior Murvin).
4. De Teresia a Sao Luis
5. Love to the World, Peace to the People.
6. Abidjan
7. Give Love a Try
8. Sister Lover
9. Flame
10. Cease The Fire
11. World in a Transition
12. Roots Civilization
13. Regueiros Guerreiros
14. Touché
15. Sueño de America
16. The Little You Do
17. Shalom