There’s jazz, there’s rock, there’s wine. And despite being recorded in direct hold that is not lazy improvisation but a precise care.


The Tribraco was born in Rome in 2004 as an instrumental trio and enlarged in 2007 with the present quartet, formed by Lorenzo Tarducci (guitar, loop machine), Valerio Lucenti (bass), Tommaso Moretti (drums), Dario Cesarini (guitar, loop machine, effects).
The creativity of the four tight-rope walkers musicians is expressed in the balance between the structured composition and free improvisation, syncopated and pressing rhythms, joint themes, creating goliardic and visionary atmospheres which leave ample room to the viewer’s imagination, guided by effective and amusing introductions to the tracks.
A long, original and eclectic way, brought them to perform in Italy ( Rome, Bologna, Perugia, Recanati, Milan, Cagliari) playing in clubs, in the streets and important festivals like “Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival” 2008, RM (opening for Francesco Zeppetella) and “Ai confini tra Sardegna e Jazz 2009” in S. Anna Arresi (CI) (opening for Roscoe Mitchell).
Also during the S. Anna Arresi festival they performed with Ernest Dawkins’s ensamble of the Chicago’s AACM.
From 2007 the Tribraco works with actors, dancers and video makers, to achieve live performance, audiovisual concept and music for films and theatres: in 2008 Tribraco participates at “Installer.1” festival in Rome and realizes the soundtrack for the documentary “La Valle della Luna”, coming out soon.
In 2008 and 2009 they perform music for some of Ornella D’Agostino’s shows in the “Time in Jazz” Festival at Berchidda, SS.
In spring 2009 they repeatedly perform in London.

Cracking The Whip is his debut album, produced by Megasound and distributed by Megasound / iTunes / Nokia. After the great success of the presentation at Rome’s Rialto Sant’Ambrogio, Cracking The Whip receives an excellent recall by the audience and the specialized press
(Chitarre, Rockerilla, Percussioni, Musik Box, Metromorfosi, Babylonbus, Movimenti Prog, Music Club), while the main indie radio stations in the capital (Radio Città Futura, Radio Rock, Radio Città Aperta, Radio Tor Vergata) broadcast the album tracks.
On april 2010 Tribraco is declared third at ItaliaWave (Lazio) final, while in may they started recording sessions for the upcoming new album.


2004 A Wrong way to do THAT. (CDA)
2007 Cracking The Whip (Megasound)
2010 New album tba (Megasound)

Set List

Rock Punk Blues Avant garde.
Instrumental original compositions.

Full Set is 1 hour and 15 min.
Sub set is 50 min.