Toronto, Ontario, CAN
BandLatinNew Age

TRIBU music is a fusion of our cultural Kichwa roots from the Andes-South America interwoven with modern rhythms such as reggae, blues, new age. Tribu best describe their sound as "electronic-folk".


Native brothers from the Imbaya nation form TRIBU. This beautiful valley is located in the Province of Ibarra, surrounded by the majestic volcano Tayta (Father) Imbabura. TRIBU band members were taught in an early age by their grandfathers and family the art of the traditional rhythms of the Andes. As customary to life in the Imabya culture they grew up playing at community events and traditional celebrations.
As adults, each journeyed around different parts of the world such as Europe and North America learning new beats, exploring various instruments and learning to incorporate this new style into their Andino rhythm. TRIBU have created and continue to build new musical art. They bring to you with much hard work, pride and with a positive message their NORTH TO SOUTH and SOL


2014  ANAKU
2013  SOL