Tribute To A Hero

Tribute To A Hero


TTAH is a Rock/Pop band with Catchy tunes,You will be the singing the songs by the time you leave, Uplifting and deep lyrics, mixed genres to reach all styels of people, likes to move on stage, knows how to get a crowed goin and is here to spread a message of Love&Hope in a way you can rock out to


Hey guys My name is Jason C. Wilkins I formed this band, I came from the metal scene where God had me, now he has brought me here and changed everything in my life, The band is 5 guys Terence,Patrick,Terry,Chris and me Jason,God has brought us together to form a diff kind of band with diff styles all out through the music that God has given me,When u come to see us you won't be dissapointed, we are energetic and love to move,you will get your moneys worth,Thanks so much if you're a fan it means so much,This band is moving forward by God's hand,


Speak to my heart

Written By: Jason Wilkins

I can feel this now why does it feel so great,I have to loose this some how I should have never started this in the first place now I'm loosing faith,
pre chorus
so I sing a new song to help me carry on and to remind me that you were there all along
Lord speak to my heart so loud my body trembles I want to be filled with more of you
Lord give me a sighn that you would give to un natural eyes,a vision nobody has ever seen
I know what I must do I am leaving this so long goodbye farwell,cause I don't want to miss my blessing and fall away from you I am here with my arms stretched forth I want more of you
pre chorus
And when the world falls all around me I will trust in you,no one will ever change my mind cause you are the core of my very soul and I love you
6x)I love Lord


8 song EP called Speak To My Heart,
4 song EP No turnning back now
The Jon Walden show 93.7 WDJC,2 songs
coming out with our new 6 tack EP soon

Set List

Getting Away
I will fight,
Speak to my heart,
Expiration date
Say Yes,
Out to you,
Train wreck
Usally play for 45 mins to an hour, can play as long as we need to