St. Louis, Missouri, USA

The music of Triceratops is a fusion of classic, indie and pop rock that is centered around catchy melodies, interesting chord structures, and solid rhythms. The focus of the band is to have a good time and share these times with friends and fans.


The drive to have fun and share it with anyone was finally made possible when we visited the studio to record our first album, Rocks, under the band name Captain Howdy. Now, we're the same three guys doing the same thing, but having more fun with the name, Triceratops. We recently added a fourth member who brings even more fun into the picture. We like to bring in sounds from such bands as Built to Spill, Pink Floyd, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, to name a few. We like to think that we pull our original sound off pretty well, and show it on stage with a solid following and diverse set lists.


We have an eight song album called Rocks, recorded in St. Louis at Phat Buddha in 2006.
We have a second 10-song album called Flood, recorded in St. Louis at Thundernuts in 2010.

Set List

We can play anywhere from 1 to 3 hour sets. Our sets consist of all original music with an occasional (though rare) cover.