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Nashville Sessions: 2001
College Years: 2003
Trick of Disaster EP: 2007



Trick of Disaster is a rock band originating in London Ontario, but has recently made a move to Toronto. Lead by front man Rafe Malach, Trick of Disaster has been compared to artists like Neil Young, Bright Eyes, John Mayer, Billy Joel, and Something Corporate. We feel, however, that we are a mix between Green Day and Ben Folds. Our signature sound is a mix of punk rock vocals with piano driven hooky songs.

We believe that our musical diversity is something that will help us stand out from the crowd. Along with the Green Day/Ben Folds songs, Trick of Disaster writes in every genre from Neil Young Folk to Tragically Hip Rock, from John Mayer-ish singer songwriter to straight Blink-182 Pop-Punk. The consistency in the band is the lyrical content. Trick of Disaster’s lyrics are often concept based. An example of this is their song Sex and the City Girl, which claims that girls who believe that the world is like Sex and the City and guys who believe the world is like Seinfeld can not have successful relationships.

Trick of Disaster has gained a great deal of success on Youtube, and their videos have been viewed over 120,000 times, gaining them fans all over the world.

Just look at what fans are saying about the band:

"oh mann i wish your songs were on iTunessss! =[ .. i just let ANOTHERR friend listen to you guys lol and got the same response .. we all think you're amazingg! keep it up we'll be listeningg =]"
“I've got cold chills upon goose pimples upon shivers. You amaze me more with every song, you know. I just... wow.”

“woooo!!! GREAT GREAT GREAT, just one word, GREAT!!”

“"impossible things are still worth trying" (one of my lyrics) .. amazing!”

” This is your gem. You do it justice man”

“1 Word: Whoa”

“you have some pretty damn uncommon talent.”

“wow tht was amazing u should go to a record company and sing tht”

“I heard from my neighbours that you went to Western so I decided to check out some of your stuff. I really love Never Be Lennon. Your song has been stuck in my head for the last 3 days! I guess all that work paid-off! But to get to the point, I've been trying to pick up a couple of songs on the guitar and I would love to try and learn your song. I was just wondering what chords you played and what order they go in for "Never Be Lennon".
“i have a request.. may seem a bit odd.. but i have to say, i really like that song little bit of wisdom(sorry bout the double comment, that was a mistake..) and i would be really grateful to you if you maybe changed your video into mp3 format so i can put it on my mp3 player... :-P”

“Your song was.. So sweet! Me and my friend (girl) fell completely for it! She thought it was wonderful, you really should get it published.”

“Hey, Just want to say that you're a great song writer. The song that I like best from you is "Hello Tonight." It's has a catchy melody and great lyrics. I think it has a potential to be a hit. Keep on making good music. People like me really appreciate bands like yours.”

“hey i like your song broken could i maybe have the lyrics to ti please i promise not to like use it or anything but i also think you sing good i love this song i like it good job”

“dude that was so amazing. at first i wasn't sure, but you started playing the notes on your guitar and then you started singing and i was blown away honestly. great lyrics and sweet sweet voice. i even dragged my mother over to watch and we both enjoyed you. never give up on your dreams. you've got something special”

"Wow. I mean, wow. That was such a beautiful song. So peacful... ! you are a really good songwriter. Pursue your dreams! I mean, you REALLY have a good chance! Good luck with EVERYTHING!"

"Your stuff is good.... reeel good !

Lol, i LOVE it... but i dont see it in stores anywhere around here or i would so buy it !
*(I live in the Us[KY])

*Peaceness *_-Aliscia !"