Tricks of the Shade

Tricks of the Shade


Classic Rock, metal influenced funk glam. With a side hint of grunge. We like to rock and have fun doing it. We try to get everyone in the place rocking out with us.


We played our first show 2 weeks after we got together. We've been spending most of our time working on new material and re-vamping old material. Our influences come mostly from Classic rock, blues, and some new alternative. What makes us different than any other new bands out there, we try to use the classic rock strategy when writing our songs. WE ARE BRINGING BACK THE GUITAR SOLO. AND DUAL GUITAR SOLOS. We started out of Highschool and have now been playing for 1 year.


BCIT - Demo
1. Struggle
2.City Life

Set List

We do sets of 7-10 original songs. We can throw in some rock covers...Lynard Skynard, Alice In Chains, Tragically Hip. Sabbath.