Nouveau Acid Punk from the Bay Area. Records on GSL and Sickroom. Explosive live show. “[Triclops!] mix the instrumental prowess of Rush and the noisy, effect-laden approach of the Butthole Surfers with the unhinged, post-hardcore mayhem of the Jesus Lizard.”--Dave Pehling, San Francisco Weekly.


Sometime in 2005, driven by inactivity in their current bands and a number of drug-fueled, late-night phone conversations, Xtian from SF's Bottles and Skulls and Johnny from Oakland's Fleshies began collaborating on some new music. Undaunted at first by the lack of a rhythm section, the duo amassed a bulk of pretty/ugly Tenderloin-district acid rock recorded on an obsolete Tascam 4-track over the course of several months. After finishing a tape with echo-laden-yet-visceral guitars/drums, vocals through half-broken solid state amps with phaser explosion, and both dudes attacking noise pedals/tape loops/randomly modified guitars, they began to realize the band was more than a little bit limited by the lack of a rhythm section. Having little luck in plying their native punk scene for people who could stomach the racket they had developed, they randomly responded to a Craigslist ad and struck unlikely gold in a spastic drummer named Phil from SF's Lower Forty-Eight. Soon after, in Jan. '06, they called out to megaveteran bass player Larry of Victim’s Family/Hellworms/Saturn’s Flea Collar fame and Triclops! was born.

Triclops! soon began playing local shows with a variety of great national bands such as Don Caballero, Zolar X, Year Future, Trainwreck Riders, Zombi, Green Milk From The Planet Orange, and Crime In Choir. Quick road trips to Chicago and Los Angeles followed. Their explosive live show and instrumental prowess were well-received, and their oddball sound found new listeners amongst a plethora of musical sub-scene devotees. Triclops! soon began to write new songs as a 4-piece, doing their best work yet.

In August, they recorded the Cafeteria Brutalia E.P. for Chicago indie buzz label Sick Room (Hella, Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Rumah Sakit, etc.), which was released nationwide to critical acclaim on February 6th, 2007. They are doing a picture disc 7” in summer 2007 for highly reputable independent Gold Standard Labs (Mars Volta, The Locust, !!!, The Rapture, Arab On Radar, I Am Spoonbender, The Faint, Melt Banana, etc.). Triclops! also played for a packed, enthusiastic crowd at the GSL showcase at SXSW in March 2007, along with partners-in-crime 400 Blows and Qui (featuring vocalist David Yow of Jesus Lizard), who they toured to Austin and back with for two weeks.

Triclops have all the recording and mixing done for a full-length LP on a yet-to-be-chosen label, recorded by Kurt Schlagel (Melvins) and completed in May 2007.


Cafeteria Brutalia (cd EP) - Sickroom, 2006
Cafeteria Brutalia (picture disc 12") - Missing Finger, 2007
Too Many Humans (2-song picture disc 7") - GSL, 2007

Songs online for listening at and

Set List

Set length variable, 25 minutes to an hour depending on the venue and show. No covers. Some song titles:

Mi Plisboy
Iraqi Curator
Freedom Tickler
Jewel Of Oakland
Bug Bomb
March of the Half Babies