Bold, Powerful lyrics, coupled with tight complex melodies, make this power trio a roller coaster ride you don't want to miss.


Tricycle is three men driven by one purpose; To take the gospel of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible. For the past 11 years from the smallest youth group to the largest arenas, and tons of bars and clubs in between, these guys have made a lifestyle out of music and ministry. While the music is driving its way into your head, the lyrics will be working their way into your heart. You will leave a Tricycle show, a different person.


Deep Above

Written By: Justin Adams and Tricycle

Deep Above. Far Below.
He'll take you there. But you won't know.
Here you stand all alone.
It's getting hot, away from home

He's gonna take you down below the fire the sea and you will burn.

Take a drink. You're feeling fine.
Blowing smoke. Killing time.
Hear you scream, as you go down.
Those lies they/Satan told, they're so profound.


I Don't know, You tell me (1996) EP

Bring Back Tomorrow(1998) IPR
-Independent release. Regular airplay across the country, as well as featured on KWOD 106.5, "Sounds of Sac" and 91X "Sounds of L.A.

Unto You (2000) Unreleased

Multiple Studio Recordings (2002-2004) Unreleased

Show Me The Truth(2006) IPR

Set List

45 Minutes to an 1 1/2 Hours(typically)
You Lied
Show Me The Truth
You Don't Even Know Me
Related to the Confused
Deep Above

(Above Set List is about 45-50 Minutes)