The limited setting of this trio evokes creativity and imagination. The research of sounds and new possibilities on the instruments results in a very personal and organic way of playing their own original compositions, spiced with interaction and improvisation. Between jazz and world


Some people call it 'jazz', others say 'world' or 'imaginary'... the choice is up to you.
The music of Tricycle is an energetic, comprehensible creation with a visual character. Tricycle addresses himself to a large, curious and adventurous audience. The original compositions of the band, tinted with nostalgia, evoke, in a blithely and subtly way, the old stereotypes.
After the release of their first album 'Orange for Tea', at the end of 2004 in Belgium, the band has made a great move forward. With more than 60 concerts over 8 months, they have played in festivals of Jazz, World Music, renowned music halls like 'Le Palais des beaux arts' in Brussels... Abroad, they have played on-stage in Brazil, France, Germany, China, Romania and in ' Maisons de culture' (culture houses) in Quebec (March 2006).
The group also received 3 nominations for the prestigious award 'Les octaves de la Musique' (2005 edition) of the council of the music (Communauté française), the Sabam and RTL radio...: nominations for 'Best Jazz Band', 'Spectacle/concert of the season' and 'Artist of the season'. After several years working in trio, and on the occasion of the release of his second CD, 'Tricycle' takes the liberty to invite three great Jazz and World Music musicians in Belgium: Laurent Blondiau, trumpet, Chris Joris, percussions and Victor da Costa, guitar. This new formula enables them to enrich even more the sound and rhythmic pallet of the trio.
The unit of the trio will be respected: there will be pieces played in trio, quartet, quintet and septet.


1. Tricycle
“Orange for Tea”
AZ Productions AZ 1006

2. "King Size"
Home Records

Set List

1 set 1h15'
2 sets 45'