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W a l t e r J o h n s o n came into the world moving at an accellerated pace. Born into a family infused with dysfunction, the streets of New Orleans,
Louisiana became his home. As his mother battled drug addiction, Walter battled New Orleans crime infested
streets maintaining a Social Darwinism, “Survival of the fittest” stance. Instead of spending his days in the classroom, Walter’s
early ‘educational’ lessons were taught by the school of the hard knocks. While his world saw no peace, he learned how to make money quick. Walter’s life
changed at age 17. His criminal lifestyle came to a halt when he obtained a 10 prison sentence. The streets imbedded captivation began to die in Walter.

He reemerged as T r i f e l o n . Trifelon began
his sentence with keen rebellion of the prison system. It took six years and three prison transfers for the self depersonalization
to cease. He shifted his focus from the dysfunction of
prison & the weak injustice that overshadowed his existence. Giving praise & respect to God’s transition, Trifelon used the last 4 years of his prison term as a period of total restructuring
of his mind, ambition, and goals. Trifelon became a loverof economics, domestic trade, body and fender, barbering, science, math, history, and the world’s mythology. He’s read over
1000 novels. His under standing of achieving a fulfilling life came when the revelation of education’s power became his greatest weapon. School became a necessity. He feels education only give you what you want. His miseducation was a reflection of his home life. He had to teach himself about the impor tance of school. He’s taught others the same. He began
breaking per sonal barriers as he resifted his gifts and poised his talents. Always an lover of lyrics, Trifelon began sharing educational lessons through rap! After writing his first song in
prison, his zest immerged. Inmates were intrigued and captivated by his words. Rapping from a conscious level that the lyricist is a teacher, he uses his words to spread knowledge acquired through his life. Trifelon has redefined his mission with redefined passion. He’s restaging educational warfare to
recapture educational faith within the deteriorating generation of Post Katrina and poverty stricken youth. His humble walk has to combat 4 years of post Hurricane Katrina’s detritus
effects in New Orleans. Armed with his ingenious skill of formulating lyrics children can listen too, Trifelon has taken the
challenges of today’s youth to heart.

Placed in a world lacking core substance, Trifelon, encourages his listeners by letting them know success is achievable, whether they’ve taken a similar or different path than that of his own; all it takes is dedication and determination. Even with the lack of a mothers love to represent a holistic female view, he feels a
genuine respect and love for women that youth must learn. Trifelon has begun making his imprint in society! Since his release from prison he has grown under the development
of Kaos Muzik Group. In a world where children skip school and flood the streets
with their wrath, Trifelon hopes to show our youth the greatest weapon of all, education! As an author, Trifelon writes ar ticles highlighting positive values for obtaining educational
excellence, even when life’s challenges seem to overshadow goals. He knows obtaining education is right. With a voice packed with power, he can drown out the youth’s sorrows. He encourages them to push past their comfort zones and strive for more. Trifelon’s hit song, “In Your Cypher” gives youth his personal testimony sharing moments of sitting behind a desk at school, living in the moment of youth and focusing on the positive attributes of education. ‘In Your Cypher’ displays a rappers approach to
stor ytelling highlighting repercussions of straying from school and the consequences it entails. Always remembering to evoke a positive perspective, Trifelon’s lyrics take you into a world focused on revision, where you can fall down, but get back up! He teaches
the necessity of school, while emphasizing how the tools obtained through education lead to a lifetime of positive achievements.
Trifelon’s life has transformed into daily studio recording sessions, spearheading his charity, ‘Real Talk’ inspiring New Orleans youth, and seeking an independent distribution deal. As his prison time of ten years & four months become a memory, every moment is filled with peace & progression. He has surrounded himself with great people, making sure his mind has a cleansed will to think and a hear t to accomplish what others feel are impossible. “A lot of people won’t use their story, Ill take a situation that someone goes through
and make it great lyrically”. This is the definition of Trifelon. He’s led a new age genuine hip hop re-gentrification, formulating meaningful stanzas of upgraded rap lyrics. As a fork lore and great storyteller, Trifelon has already begun changing a nation.