TR (Trife Reality)

TR (Trife Reality)

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The essence of Hip Hop at its finest. Lyrically gifted with a swagger to keep the ladies curious. TR is a mix of everything when it comes to his music. I do it all!!! But believe me. If you want an MC who can rock a crowd with the energy and charisma needed, look no further than TRRRR!!!!


TR a.k.a. Trife Reality
Ladies and gentleman. I present to you TR a.k.a. Trife Reality. Who is TR? He's a visionary. A rap prophet. A throwback in a game full of artists who try to portray a persona that isn't theirs. He brings unbelievable skill and precision to the table. Lyrically unmatched and as diverse as they come, TR boasts about himself having 1,000 flows. Cocky? Nah. Ya boy is just confident in his ability. Or as he put it in one of his tracks ("Gangsta's Handbook") "The game kinda twisted/ everybody hating the south because them niggas took the rap game and flipped it/ The perspective of a good investment is switching/ Labels ain’t signing ya ass unless you sound different/”.
TR was born Kenneth McNair Jr. on May 8th 1984. In his younger days, he grew up on the tough streets of East New York, Brooklyn where most of his family resided. At the age of 10, he moved to the uptown part of Harlem on 145th street and Frederick Douglass Blvd. It was there that he learned a lot of the street smarts and savvy that he possesses and portrays in his music. TR starting expressing many of the experiences and hardships he endured through rapping at the age of 16. It was then that he started to hone his skills by battling in his High School locker room and parks after school. Gaining respect by his peers because of his lyrical prowess, TR started taking his rap career seriously and believing that it could become an attainable goal of his. So he worked at it day and night trying to perfect his craft, experimenting with different styles and flows to diversify his lyrical catalog. What emerged was one of the most talented, influential, charismatic artists that the industry has to offer. Later he would hook up with Mooka, an entrepreneur from Harlem who needed a serious artist to spearhead his vision of a diverse and family oriented independent label. From the day they met, S.H.I.N.E. Entertainment was born. S.H.I.N.E., which stands for Shaping History In Neighborhoods Everywhere, is exactly as advertised. They are more than your average label. They are a movement with a positive influence on the community and especially the children in the community. This is exemplified by their affiliation with the youth basketball team of Harlem named Team S.H.I.N.E. and their ongoing relationship with a very successful non-profit organization. TR would complete his development with the addition of Super Producer Bam Bam “The Influence” in the equation. The music these two have made together have been described with terms like epic, timeless, powerful and meaningful. Now that’s more than just being “hot”. You can find TR nowadays ripping a showcase to bits and arousing crowds all over the east coast with aspirations to take his movement global.

Closing Remarks
In a time where we argue over what is Hip Hop, and if Hip Hop is dead or not, lives an artist that understands and respects the game. TR respects the founding fathers, if you will, of rap music and the pathway created by them which allows upcoming artists such as him to have the freedom of speech and expression respected by the music industry. That being said, TR also is geared to take music into the next phase and is prepared as well as excited about having and intricate part of that.


Under The Influence Volumes 2-9, Hood Chronicles: The 1st Chapter (1st Individual Mixtape), I Am Hip Hop (2nd Individual Mixtape)

Set List

My set list is usually 15 to 30 minutes. My songs are usually:
What You Say, Watching me ft. J-Love, Homegirl ft. J-Love, Get'em, Soulmate ft. Bam Bam "The Influence", I'm Bent, Lights Out, Do What You Want ft. Trisha Lee, Brooklyn Keep On, Hey Lover ft. Bam Bam "The Influence", You Already Know, Robbery......