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Athens, Attica, Greece | MAJOR

Athens, Attica, Greece | MAJOR
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???f??? pa?da?s?a st? ??????? Live
?e?µe??: ?a?? ?a?d???? 10.11.2010

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?? ???f??? e?te µa?? e?te ? ?a???a? ?e????st?, ??µ?sa? p?? a??µa ?a? s?µe?a, ?p?????? p??? ?a??? f???? st?? ?a???te????? ???? p?? a?????? t?? p??s??? µa?. ?e ??e???eta? ?a e?p??e? t?p?ta pa?ap??? ??a t?? f???t???? t??? d??at?t?te?, µ?a ?a? e??a? ?d? p??? ???st? ? µ??s??? ?a? e?µ??e?t??? t??? p??e?a.
?s? ??a t? ???t?a ?p????, e?? ? f??? t?? e??a? a???p?ep?? ?a? s?st? se t?a???d?a ?p?? ta «Ste?e?t?pa» ?a? «Malo», ?a?? ?a ?ta? ?a pe??µ??e? ???? a??µa ?a ???µ?se? e?µ??e?t??? p??? e?te??se? ?a?? t?a???d?a ?p?? t? «??? ?f??e?» p?? p??t?t?a???d?se ? ???? ??s??????... ?a? µe?, de? p??pe? ?a???a t?a???d? ?a e??a? st? ap???ß??t?, a??? ?p?? ?a? ?a ‘?e?, ??p??a a?????? ?d?a?te??? p??s????, ??t? p?? ? ?p???? p??? t? pa??? de? µp??e? ?a d?a?e???ste?...
??t??eta, ?ta? a??ß??a? st? s???? ???? ?? ?a???t???e?, ? ???t???a ?a? t? ??f? ?a? t?? tess???? ??µ?se t?? a????sa µe e?????sta s??a?s??µata, ta ?p??a e?f??st??a? µe t? d??at? ?e??????t?µa t?? ?aµ????... ?? p?? ??a?? st??µ??t?p? ?ta? e?e??? p?? ? ?a?te??? Ta?ass????, ? ?p???? pa?a????????se t? ??aµa ?? ?eat??, a??ß??e st? s???? ??a ?a e?µ??e?se? a??et? d??? t?? t?a???d?a, ?p?? t? «????eµ? se»...
?ts? ???p??, ????se ? ß?ad?? st? ??????? live... ??a p????aµµa st? ?p??? ????a??e? ? µ??s???, ?? µ??s???? ?a? t? ta???t?...

F?t???af?e?: ?a?? ?a?d????

?? ap??e?? t?? s??e??at?? de? ta?t????ta? apa?a?t?ta µe t? ???µ? t?? pe???d????. S??????S ????S???S??S - e-orfeas


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Early June, the TRIFONO will be in New York the city that grew up a member of Nick Kouroupakis for two important reasons.

In the 4 months will participate in the awards ceremony Gabbys (prizes awarded to Greeks who have excelled abroad - last year went to Olympia Dukakis), who will be in Ellisisland, the opening night of "song of exile" by Mikis Theodorakis directed by emmy-winning director of the hit series True blood, Grey's Anatomy, and Dr House GregoryYaitanes, while the protagonist of the series True blood, Theo Alexander will read excerpts from diaries of immigrants. The evening's ceremony will close with a concert Glykeria.

The next day on June 5, the Trifono will give a farewell concert at the South Y. Town Hall with songs from their personal albums, but also from all of our traditional music in a trip to the major contemporary composers, suggesting a different approach to a very favorite songs, young people and to all the Greeks of the diaspora.

Besides one of the dreams of TRIFONO as themselves tell us, is to travel to our music from edge to edge of the earth, and the organizer Gregory Pappas found in these contemporary sound that carries the Greek tradition and looking forward. This kind of music he wants to indicate his favorite Greeks hold up in Greece.

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2011 Gabby Awards Weekend Farewell ConcertFEATURING:
TRIFONOwith a special appearance by Lina Orfanos
New York Town Hall
June 5 th, 2011 at 3:00pm
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A concert that will take you on a journey through history to the roots of Greek musical tradition.
From Classical to Contemporary
About TRIFONOIn 2002, Nikos, Erofili and Dimitris met and formed the group TRIFONO. The chemistry amongst them and their love for music was, and continues to be, the bond that has sealed their success in contemporary Greek music. The group has taken its place amongst the most highly respected performers in contemporary Greek music.

Learn more about TRIFONO

TRIFONO's profound understanding of long-established melodic traditions and balance between seasoned and contemporary melodies creates a fusion of strong rhythms embraced by dynamic three part harmonies. TRIFONO is truly the ambassador of folkloric, Byzantine and Hellenic music with styling influences from Crete, Macedonia and Epirus.
TRIFONO exemplifies "quality in art" preservation and is forging a path that many from the new music generation in Greece are following. The group concentrates on the diversity of Greek music - from antiquity, to folklore, as well as contemporary. TRIFONO finds inspiration from many of Greece’s respected and acclaimed composers including Theodorakis, Hatzidakis, and Xarhakos and from the great poets Cavafy, Seferis, Gatsos, Ritsos, Kavadias, and Nikolakopoulou. Original compositions derived from the immeasurable musical and poetic heritage of Greece are the backbone of the TRIFONO's repertoire.
TRIFONO has performed in China (in the Forbidden City) with Mikis Theodorakis and his orchestra; toured in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay performing the Canto General; and has also performed in Turkey, Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia with Haris Alexiou, George Ntalaras and Dimitri Mitropanos.

Nikos KouroupakisNikos Kouroupakis was born in Athens and at the age of 6, immigrated to the U.S. with his family. He grew up in Hicksville, Long Island and was actively involved in his Greek Orthodox Church community. Even as a child, his first love was music and had a passion for singing - at the age of 17, he left home to follow his dream.

Learn more about Nikos

By 1992, he had his first professional collaboration with George Ntalaras and Dimitra Galani during their North America tour. In 1995, he moved to Greece and began working with Xaris Alexiou. In 1997, he sang on Nikos Zoudiaris's album "Afilio" and from 2000 to 2002, toured with Dimitris Mitropanos.

ErofiliErofili was born and raised in Chania, Crete. Her love for music, song and dance was clear from the time she was a small child. She attended both the Teachers Education Initiative of Athens and Rallou Manou dance school. Erofili's began her professional career with composer John Spanos.

Learn more about Erofili

She has collaborated on works in both North and South America and has worked with Haris Alexiou, Christos Nikolopoulous, Manolis Lidakis, Nikos Papazoglou, Glykeria, George Chatzinasios, Kostas Papadopoulos, Notis Mavroudis, Michalis Dimitriadis, Katerina Kouka, Stelios Vamvakaris, Kostas Macedonas and Dimitri Basis.

Dimitris YfantisDimitris Yfantis was born and raised in Ioannina. He finished high school at the Ecclesiastical School of Belas, where he studied Byzantine music. It was Haig Yadjian (who is still Dimitri’s Oud teacher) and acquaintance Nikos Sidirokastritis who provided Dimitri an introduction to Dimitra Galani who would guide and support him in his first musical career steps.

Learn more about Dimitris

She included his song "Kaigomai Sigoliwnw" on her disc "Xartina." It was also with her help and support that Dimitris released his first solo disc, entitled "Apo Xwma kai Nero."

Lina OrfanosLina Orfanos was born in New York City where she grew up immersed in the sonorous cultures of the classical, ethnic, popular and theater musical worlds of the city. She performed with the Metropolitan Opera Children's Chorus and studied cabaret and musical theater at the Herbert Bergoff School in Greenwich Village where she...

Learn more about Lina

performed with the Montclair Operetta Club. Lina made her solo debut in 2001 for the World Languages Program of the Donell Library Center in Manhattan. In 2004, she formed the Poetica Ensemble in order to interpret her favorite Greek blues, folk and art song cycles. Then in 2006, Lina sang for the first time in Greece at the Cultural Center of the northwest city of Ioannina and the Anagnostiki Recital Hall of the Ionian island of Kerkyra. By special invitation, she was coached by Mikis Theodorakis who asserted "With Lina, my songs have a new beginning."
Visit her website:


"San Parastasi"
- The Gabby awards

A night ... with "Trifono"

Caution ... chocolate


Lina Nikolakopoulou was always the way to our apoenochopoiei: the individuality that once defended against the event of collective dictatorship, from the Greek character who often opposes against the globalized definitely a strong contemporary political and intellectual power, from a very personal lyrical surrealism established against those who, insisting that they do not understand what he means, of course resist the large dips in the subconscious until the chocolate (milk of course) against the dominant slogan of today's diet definitely in favor of eradication of sweet and sweetness - especially when appearing in public.

In spite of all this, with chocolate - offering the audience baptized pastries and the first live presentation of the "Janus" of her last album with Trifono: "Attention Trifono" (EMI).

I do not know if all those bold is primarily due to personal or absolving contrast to a contract character who fights constantly with himself, but I know that the songs, personality and choices Nikolakopoulou create or fanatics or fundamentalists opponents (it is no coincidence that the same happens with the music for years of Alter-egko, Stamatis Kraounakis). The "so-so" or the suit, nor I have ever heard so far, any comments that concern. And that is the price for those who do not know how or no longer even bother to weigh their feelings that comes even when completely follow the daily typology: a breakfast coffee, ironing a tuck, the supermarkets, the black- outs of PPC.

This reversal of everyday life was generally ace in Nikolakopoulou lyrical game. "Let me talk to noon, evening and morning in the small sudden blackout of electricity", is one the most recent, example from the song "Love me" that interprets the "Trifono" and has been for a few months radio hit.

As for the success of the album (which is also a key part of the program "Trifono" when, soon will begin performances at the new music scene "favela") is due to Nikolakopoulou equally and that, apart from the lyrics, did the label 'director' and Nick Kouroupakis, and Dimitri Erofili Ifanti played.

The "direction" of the disc and this is proof ... absolving. For who would dare to easily combine the list of 17 songs by Leonard Cohen (Here it is) with a traditional Armenian (as with the lyrics of Nikolakopoulou baptized "in Ioannina Lake"), the Beatles (Because) with John Spano ( Emergency Exit) and even between songs Kraounakis of Bregovic, the Galanis, Antipas and the sword to emvalei a pedestrian ("Homes")? And all who succeeded them is not a ... Macedonians say salad and our European partners, but an album that puts equal on the global map of the song and the traditional and the modern Greek?

This of course would have been impossible if the Nikolakopoulou did not have a voice in shape with a wide range of interpretive and music. The Kouroupakis is a very great singer, able to travel seamlessly from English-language ballads to the most artistic Greek. In the traditional baton of the great performer takes the weaver, who is also a multitalented musician. And Erofili, with nice clean synthetic voice work. The three previously suggested talent adapts when "solid" songs like "Joy to three hours 'Vamvakaris and' they called a-hats with a new, loving way that respected the past melody.

On this record, however, clearly unfold their potential. Sometimes sounding like a modern version Anglophone duets plurality of '70 (the Simon and Gkarfankel had in mind), sometimes like a traditional pluralism and sometimes like the modern Greek musical. The polyphonic shapes are of course some dynastic times to the possibility of identifying individual skills. The "Trifono" but rarely coincide in the first verse. Usually whoever heads of the three best suited to the style of the song.

The final taste of the album and their appearance is sweet, euphoric, affectionate, "full" and no lyric ligotiki. Somewhat like a relaxing evening in convincing that sin is neither chocolate nor the mix of different tunes that you love. *

2 - 11/10/2008



2003 Karavia moiazoun oi psihes-The souls looks like ships
2004 Trifono
2008 Prosohi trifono-Attention Trifono
2010 Ta tzitzikia tou heimona-The winter’s cicadas

Trifono also participates in C.D with Stamatis Kraounakis music movie ‘ ‘ by dying in Athens of n. Panagiwtopoyloy In C.D titled "Secrets and mistakes" by Mr Charitatoy from the eponymous television series. C.D "And their eyes drips of Cappadocia" on music from the same Chrysostomoy Stamouli documentary i. Papakarmezi. C.D with the title ‘ Ichodrasi/the authority by the drums of Nikos Toyliatoy and Ichodrasis
and CD ¨ Haris Alexiou tribute to Mano Loizo Odeon str.



In 2002, Kouroupakis, Erofili and Yfantis, formed the group TRIFONO, representing the combination of folkloric, Byzantine and Hellenic music, with influences from all over Greece.
Trifono performed in: China with Mikis Theodorakis; toured in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay performing the Canto General; in Turkey, Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia with Haris Alexiou. In June of 2011 TRIFONO opened the Gabby's Awards Ceremony in NYC, they held a concert at the NY town hall theater and they performed the Greek anthem at the stadium of City field for the National football team, in front of 40.000 people.

Recently, Perantakos replaced kouroupakis.