Awesome power house vocals mixed with lively bass lines. New, tongue in cheek sing along rock. A great live show with pure indulgent performance at the core.


Introducing Biddy, Andy, Dan and Joey, 4 hellishly different people who combine to make a hellishly different sound! Biddy is a musical theatre performer in training and a pro vocalist, Andy is a drummer with surplus energy and works all hours in a nightclub, Dan is a psychologist in training and an excellent bassist, with Joey the antique dealer who simply loves to chunk away at his guitar!
Formed early in 2008 the band has changed line up considerably, which now has a singer/songwriter at the threshold which has taken the band's sound to a whole new level. The new EP features two of our most anthemic numbers- 'Rent Life' and 'Headline', which were written earlier this year by Biddy. The band has played gigs around Colchester and the surrounding area, resulting in rave reviews from the local press.


EP, May 2010; Intentional Noise
1. Rent Life
2. This Is Me
3. Headline

Set List

1. Fool
2. Fixation
3. This Is Me
4. Rent Life
5. Can't You See
6. Playground Play
7. Fable
8. Headline

(possible covers: Helter Skelter/ It's My Life/ Everywhere)