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Changing the hiphop urban world one verse and one song at at a time, T.R.I.G.G.A, delivers the heartfelt truth on life and what you should expect out of it. A seasoned lyricist who commands attention on the stage, bringing the ingredients that hip-hop has been lacking. Real testimonial substance.


Truly - Rising - In - Greatness - Geared - Abroad, is what T.R.I.G.G.A stands for.
My name comes from the direct correlation of what a trigger does and that is to release or spark something to happen. Not to point at violence in any way, form or fashion, given that anyone, thing, or experience can cause something to happen. That is what my music does is pierce through the heart by making you think. I take my show on the road to all walks of life focusing on the mainstream and diverse audience. He has graced the stages of The House of Blues, State Fair of Texas, Six Flags Theme Parks worldwide, New York(Times Square), Royal Carribean, Norwegian, and Carnival cruises, The Glass Cactus @ the Gaylord Texan Resort, Cruises and many more worldwide tours and festivals. I feel that I have unique musical experiences from being the son of a former disc jokey of WTUG in Tuscaloosa, AL. I have grown up around and listened to all sorts of music from Phil Collins to the BG's from the Isley Brothers to Marvin Gay, to name a few. So what I want to share in is a positive message that anybody can listen to and relate to with same mainstream appeal as a Jay-Z, Kanye West, or Drake. As a country boy turned inner city youth,moved from Ralph, Alabama to Dallas/Ft.Worth, Texas at a young age. As time passed for most of his adolescent years things began to change on the inside and quickly changed in deed. The exploration of bad company, bad choices, and a bad attitude sent him spiraling down. Broken on the inside from such a lifestyle led T.R.I.G.G.A to a special encounter with God which would miraculously change his life and lead him back to music for the better. As T.R.I.G.G.A began to grow in his calling, much of what was corrected on the inside was also a correction in what he listened to. He began to write through the same inspiration and power that changed his life and gave him the name..............................T.R.I.G.G.A
Armed and Dangerous, a much anticipated album from Trigga, has inspiration of God all over it. This artist is definitely on the rise with such an energetic anointed flow. Not only is the cd "The UnExpected EP" getting great publicity and praise for his unique style. T.R.I.G.G.A has made big waves since the inspirational birthed 2003-04 Armed and Dangerous release as his first album, earning him much respect as a national artist on the rise and that has established himself. He has toured nationally on the Xtreme Tour, been on Stellar Award nominated compilations, Featured on National magazines, newspapers, numerous radio and internet play worldwide, and more taking a peak at his presskit. The \"UnExpected\" ep on the way to his second full album brings about his maturity as an artist to be reckoned with in 2008 and years to come. Nationally catching the attention of many mainstream listeners, many come to fing out that T.R.I.G.G.A can hang with the best and his style challenges an audience. His high powered messages of hope in a saturated world of grime, negativity, and survival is just what he stands for in the middle of a craving society. He is a driven a leader, an artist that takes the art of rhyme to another level. T.R.I.G.G.A has already put a global stamp on radio hiphop heads with his commercial hit \"Generation Flava\". His \"MOVE!\" single definitely opened the flood gates for the generation of the dance, krump, battle, and more. There is also the spiritual inspirational \"Believe\" groove that talks on struggle, eternity, life changes, decisions, and more. With new bangers like \"Reach Out,\" \"Braggin,\" and newly written \"THIRSTY\" just released on mp3 spinnig on worldwide stations and internet, he accepts the challenge put in front of him to give people more than what they expect but the \"UnExpected.\" Be sure you keep T.R.I.G.G.A on your radar and in your rotation.



Written By: T.R.I.G.G.A

At times emotions get the best of me, young in my prime, your guess is about as good as mine, when I'm feeling the weight, of frustration, that goes to say for anyone thats dealing with life, makin an effort for the better, that you offer is right, in our sight there's gotta be more, gotta be something wondering, if I have a blessing in store, for my destiny, perplexing me, and facing adversity, they say if it dont kill me, it will make me stronger, hunger deep in my soul, rises up like a plea of cries, daddy dont go as the widow eyes flow, nobody chose to be neglected, disrespected, inretrospect, developed self-esteem with negetive effects, refreshed to be what I should, with all confidence to take a risk and know that I could, reach the highest level, so I stay careful, not to step on any toes for my benefit, and leave a lasting legacy, for my kids, HOOK I BELIEVE, Who ever thought to see those tragedies, come upon us, erasing the memories, but we can hold to keep us going, sowing good seed, change is never been easy, but without it we would never know that life is appeasing, if you agree with me, let the chips fall where they may, rolling with the punches, got a hunch that you'll be okay, if today is filled with sorrow, then tomorrow's always better trust in him you'll make it through, when you've done all you can do, take a deep breathe relax let the spirit man go, count it all joy them divers give you strength to go on, one is the loneliest, from common woes, common people, we carry the same burdens like the way each of us bleed to, very few posses the hope that gives peace, surpasing all understanding if your heart is deceased, and at the least, why live for the moment when you can own it for atonement, and the right to be free, fulfilling all your dreams, HOOK I BELIEVE, Reality insists we fix, what is already formed, everything about us, a novice trapped in the norm, of comparison, and how the character outcome was proven one conclusion made long ago, although we may hold, to these embedded convictions, time to get back to the simple practical teachings, by any means of every season, and what it's worth, for the chance to reach out into anothers world, beyond success, satisfaction for what you preach, the element of surprise, is really what you need, so it cleaves to my soul, goes where I go, signifying an era where the love of god will be known, that's a vital component, own what you've known, if it's not meant to make a better place, the case should be closed, grow before you can lead, focus achieve, all things are possible to those, whom believe. HOOK I BELIEVE.

Generation Flava

Written By: T.R.I.G.G.A

I'm back by popular demand so here's your chance to crown me as champ, a heavy weight, like twelve rounds of beats with the bass, in your face you on the pavement, my statement, its only yet to be made so I stay poised and exercise the right amount of patience, since no containment I'm blameless, in a wicked and peverse generation were taught, artificial insimination get's praise, and not to mention the many women becoming a statistic of rape, I gotta say what I gotta say, with no congressional debate, get it off my chest express why I profess my faith, in this day and age, its not proper to go against the grain but obviously some of these trends are still the same..... (HOOK Generation Flava, Come to hit you with that generation flava, Come to give you what the generations cravin, Come to give you what the generation cravin)2x

My opportunity is all I got, here in this opportune time, to shine like a dime piece, with every reason to rhyme, and cease the critics tune your frequency, the hand that I've been dealt has never affected me more, only to push me through the door, who says that I can't make it, make it my world, make it my passion, I'm made by life's disasters, motivating me on, spawned from what I choose to cherish, that's counting every victory and all my failures, were all meant to succeed, overachieve breed your confidence, till one day we can see that poverty may flee the continent, honestly the truth is not what they want to hear, so I'm prepared to take my crucifixion and let them feel the second coming.....
(HOOK Generation Flava, Come to hit you with that generation flava, Come to give you what the generations cravin, Come to give you what the generations cravin)

The sting of death has never been, culturally biased, we catch them looking from the outside, like outsiders, dividers of defending faith, in which we base our belief, no obligation just my privilege to teach to the streets, he uses all things, even the weak, to confound the wise and catch them by surprise in their craftiness judgement wont be hiliarious, what matters is, matters of the heart, like a fractured body part, without god's direction you only get so far, recieve the message to your train of thought, the cost is paid so the burdens been lifted, aquited from the world system, only a glimpse into where were headed, a declaration of dependence if you will accept it.....
(HOOK Generation Flava, Come to hit you with that generation flava, Come to give you what the generations cravin, Come to give you what the generations cravin)2x


Written By: T.R.I.G.G.A

Now I lay me down to sleep, what if I'm stressed should I pray that the lord will keep my soul from death, what's next to happen, like I'm gasping tryin to hold on, with all the strength in my being where did I go wrong, I've done so many things too extreme to talk about, how can I reach out to you when I see no way out, I wrote this letter just to show them where I'm coming from and if they even dont listen I consider it done, I've planned it out kept my word and sure to see it through, I may wake up in a heaven but I doubt that it's true, I can no longer bear this pain same circumstance, my prayers bounce off the ceiling, like a tennis match, I scratch this life I know the sacrifice for me to live, is one greater that I know I'm willing to give, see it for what it is not what I'm spittin about, there's times I'm feeling this way and I wanna chechout.

HOOK:I'm so thirsty, can you lead me to the living well, I'm so thirsty cause my spirits feeling oh so dry 2X

I got some bad news, just the other day, A friend of mine that I'm close to has passed away, so what's my first emotion I feel a sense of anger, this is my friend that I'm talking about and not a stranger, why did he have to leave why did he have to go, the last time that I spoke to him I didn't know, that he was really sick or even feeling bad he told me christ was his rock, and he'd forever stand, we laughed about the old times when we first met, and who would first find a wife I told him that's a bet, I never seen him fret I always seen him give, not once I ever heard him saying something negative, he was my down soldier, doin work for god he didnt recieve anything he just believed you lord, he stood on your word obeyed what you said, how come you chose to bring him home, to that resting bed.

HOOK:I'm so thirsty, can you lead me to the living well, I'm so thirsty cause my spirits feeling oh so dry 2X

She said I have a calling, revealed in a dreams, with things so out of order someone tell me what it means, is this a nightmare, who cares to see me doin bad, I might not have the strength to see just what the future has, is it too late to redirect and clean my slate, and when the rent is due I'm putting food on the plate, love and hate, go hand in hand like a date or is it safe to say eventually I'm gonna break, this is my last hour I'm sending out my plea and if your still real jesus, wont you rescue me, throw your safety net, I'm sinking in the sand, I need the mercy you declare because I'm giving in, here in my weakest point, my mouth is dry and parched, for what it's worth I need a glass of living water, here in my weakest point my mouth is dry and parched, for what it's worth I need a glass of living water

HOOK:I'm so thirsty, can you lead me to the living well, I'm so thirsty cause my spirits feeling oh so dry 2X


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2011 Feb 21, RealRadioShow.com interview live performance Times Square.

2011 Carnival cruise(This yr) Oct31-Nov 4th, Healthy Living Foundation performance

Armed n Dangerous LP CD- 2003-04 retail, Distributed South, Southwest region, Cdbaby, Major Digital Online Stores
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2010 BET 106&Park, MTV, appearance in soon to air nationally Video with Wide Up Boyz "I Work, I Jig, I Jerk, I Rock" Directed by Dr. Teeth. featuring........Dorrough, GS Boyz, Baby C

March 20, 2010 www.Curls4theCure.com Benefit and Hair Show for Kids with Cancer Rep. Hosted by Chrisette Michele @ House of Blues Artist T.R.I.G.G.A appearing in Documentary.

2010 Armed Forces Entertainment Tour Elgibility

2010 Healthy Living Cruise(Royal Carribbean Majesty Ship)
October 4-8, 2010

2010 Mayfest Festival

2010 Neon Reverb Music Fest(sept LasVegas,NV)

2010 Dallas Heart Festival

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2010 SouthWestMusicReview Magazine(Texas Guitar Centers)

08/09 The Dallas Examiner article http://www.examiner.com/music-in-dallas/the-unexpected-ep-t-r-i-g-g-a

2009 Video/epk NYC Pop Artist MAOR featuring T.R.I.G.G.A , No more Rain, What Comes Around Goes Around, Interviews. Directed by Mike Heish

2009 TorontoMagAwards International Hiphop Artist of the Year.

2009 State Fair of Texas(Travis Mitchell featuring T.R.I.G.G.A)

The House of Blues (Dallas, TX) Jan 19, 2010

2009 Extreme Tour(Southwest Coast)

2009 Houston Pride Festival

2009/2010 Six Flags Great America(Live and Local April 3rd Gurnee, IL)Chicago area

2009/2010 Six Flags Over Texas(Live and Local Xtreme Tour)Arlington, TX

2010 Six Flags St.Louis(Live and Local)

2009 Healthy Living Cruise Concert (Miami, FL) Norwegian Sky

2009 Armed Forces Entertainment Tour Eligibility

Cohesive2009 free compilation download (cohesive2009.com)

Quick Entertainment newspaper, 1/8/09 "PuLL the T.R.I.G.G.A" QuickDFW.com
Local and Unique feature.

The Dallas Examiner (article & review) Feb 1, 2009 www.examiner.com "The UnExpected EP" http://www.examiner.com/x-2464-Dallas-Music-Examiner~y2009m1d31-The-Unexpeted--TRIGGA

2008 "BG Records presents, Gospel Skate Jams Vol.3 (Generation Flava track)

2009 Dontbepimped.com Compilation (Winna track)

2008 "DontBePimped" Compilation--"Thirsty" track written by T.R.I.G.G.A

2007 Ghettogrooverecords Compilation Vol.1 selects TRIGGA for "Generation Flava" & "Believe" tracks.

2008 HipHopDownloads.ca Fresh Out Digital Compilation select TRIGGA for HipHop track.

2008 The Save Darfur Compilation (track Thirsty)

2007 Triple F Unlimited Mixtape--"Generation Flava" track

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Television performance "Move" Track Dallas,Tx, TITH TV(Talent In Tha Hood)

FT.Worth Star-Telegram Finalist (ode to mom)Mommie Dearest track

2008 National Extreme Tour

Received "Artist of the Year" Award in 2007Destiny and Purpose HipHop Convertcation,(Dallas/Ft.Worth, Texas)

Da' Coalition 2003 Compilation PeculiarRecords

July 27, 2007- T.R.I.G.G.A selected for compilation cd with "Believe" track
Reflections Management Company and UpperRoom 3 Productions are proud to introduce the compilation "Care Packages for Our Troops". This project is to help raise money for Operation Door to Door, which provides care packages to the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. http://www.reflectionsmc.com/2007

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