Triggered Impulse

Triggered Impulse


Metal music played by people who are influenced by all subgenres of metal. From New York Hardcore to technical death metal and everything in between. We take the stage and have a good time, and make sure everyone else is doing the same.


We've been a band for over three years now, and the only original members left are Eric and Drew. We've rotated a few members out throughout the years before finally settling on the group we have now. We all feed off of each other, bass off of guitar, guitar off of vocals, drums off of everything. Stylisticly we're all over the place. Other than "Metal" we were completely unable to find a genre that suited us. As a group we just try to play the music WE want to hear, without trying too hard to sound like anyone or anything else we've ever heard. We finally came to the conclusion that we'd declare our own sub-genre of Metal, and call it "Brocore". Our music has a very strong hardcore overtone coming from the vocals that are almost more shouted than screamed or growled.

You're asking yourself, What the hell is "Brocore"?

"Brocore" is a way of life really, we use this term to describe the overall party atmosphere we convey in our stage show. In "Brocore" the music can pretty much sound however you want it to. It's more about getting together with a big group of people and having a good old-fashioned brodown. We have a good time doing what we do, from Drew doing a Jager Bomb mid-set, to Bryan playing the cowbell when completely unnecessary, so we like to make sure everyone in the crowd is having just as good of a time.

We open for a nationally signed band at least once a month. These include, Diecast, Threat Signal, The Agonist, Rumpelstiltskin Grinder, Swashbuckle, and many others. Crowd participation is a large part of our stage presence. "Marked For Death" is a crowd favorite that is usually done during the first minute of the song "Advocate". One member of the audience vollunteers to be "marked" and all other audience members are instructed to throw the "marked" person around in the pit as much as possible. We're also working on the idea for a "Brodeo" where two larger people in the audience get in the pit and two smaller people get on their backs, and the big guys have eight seconds to shake off the smaller ones, it's still a work in progress.

We have fun at what we do, but at the same time we take all of this very seriously. We spent two years and had three attempts at recording the album "Wake Up To Reality". The entire album is written, recorded, mixed, mastered, and laid out by the band. We had no outside help in anything we've ever done. Now, we're looking to outside sources to take a look at what we've done, and take us to the next level.


"When Obsession Meets Opportunity" (2007)
1 - Intro
2 - Kill Me In The Dark
3 - Open Your Eyes
4 - The Aftermath
5 - Innocent Nightmare
6 - Endless Thoughts
7 - Beyond Redemption
8 - Passionate Heartache
9 - Fallback

Off of this album, The Aftermath and Fallback were played on Philadelphia's 94.1 WYSP on the program Loud and Local.

"Wake Up To Reality" (2009)
1 - Preliminary Discourse
2 - Thirteen
3 - Lovesick
4 - One World
5 - There Will Be Blood
6 - Hell To Pay
7 - Pull The Trigger
8 - Brodown
9 - Advocate
10 - Wake Up To Reality
11 - Inherited Hatemail
12 - Bonus Track

On this Album, Brodown and Pull The Trigger are regularly played on an internet radio station called Bring it Radio. Advocate, and There Will Be Blood were both played on The Autopsy Report which is broadcast in the UK, then rebroadcast at 17 different radio stations across the US.

Unreleased Material
1 - Uninspired
2 - Make Believe
3 - Untitled Song # 14

Uninspired was also played on The Autopsy Report.

Set List

Our setlist begins with the intro track "Preliminary Discourse leading straight into the song "Thirteen"

Next we move on to a more political song called "One World" about the collapsing economy.

The next song is "Pull the Trigger" with abrupt stops in the breakdown that are done live, but not on the album the song really comes together well, towards the end of the song all music stops so that Bryan can address the crowd with a witty remark, then we finish the song.

Advocate is next, usually "Marked for Death" is played during the opening scream of the song.

There Will be Blood is one of the crowd favorites because of the breakdown is the perfect time to move.

Brodown is the closer for the regular set. During the "chug" part of the song, when possible Drew Turns around and chugs a beer or does a JagerBomb before jumping back into the song, another crowd favorite.

Finally we address a member of the audience and ask why they look so sad, then tell them that we know wha