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The best kept secret in music


"Triggerfinger should be forbidden to play"

“Nothing or no-one could prepare us for for the dazzling 20 minute stage act that all of a sudden made about 500.000 so-called rock bands quite useless. Your host would very muck like to oblige everybody who dares to touch a guitar, bass or drums in public to pay a visit to this Flemmish rock machine. Because the way Triggerfinger does it, nearly nobody can. We got to see and hear the rock tradition since Johnny Burnettte over Creedence Clearwater Revival to Led Zeppelin and Queens of the Stone Age. The public was nailed to the floor by this musical hurricane, during which Triggerfinger never lost sight of subtlety – and humour. George Michael’s ‘Faith’ suddenly appeared in the middle of another song and during a long stretched version of CCR’s ‘Commotion’ Ruben Block jumped onto a dangerously high table from which he pushed his guitar solos higher up to the sky as a transformed rock god. But he could only glorify thanks to the excellent rhythm twosome Mario Goossens (drums) and bass player Paul Van Bruystegem, which provided a now energetic, then again laidback but always solid base. In short: Triggerfinger was so good last night that they should get an interdiction to perform just to make it easier on all those thousands of rock bands that mean well.” - VPRO 3 VOOR 12

"Het Belang van Limburg * 02/02/2004."

“A sound that sometimes reminds of Monster Magnet and vocal effects that bring us back to the best of Black Sabath”
- Het Belang van Limburg

"Humo * 10/02/2004"

“Grab your air guitar and straddle: Triggerfinger’s debut cd is ready, and it is good. Very good”
- Humo

"De Morgen * 29/01/2004"

“Triggerfinger audibly enjoys playing live which benefits the organic and energetic sound on their debut cd. Let’s hope that this threesome will not keep us waiting too long for new material. As Triggerfinger put it in their Brel cover: ‘Au suivant’ !”
- De Morgen

"De Standaard * 30/01/2004"

“The untitled debut cd has become a consistent, refined rock album with subtle pop songs underneath a dust layer of grinding guitars. Last Wednesday at the AB, the audience got steamrolled by Triggerfinger’s ponderous and blaring sound that at times reminded one of the heaviest songs from bands like AC/DC and ZZ Top.”

- De Standaard

"Oor * 04/04/2004"

“Since many years this trio has been best known through their live reputation. Flanders hardest rocking roots combo just had to make sure they could capture al the blood, sweat and tears and those dazzling stage hits onto a record. Not an easy job. In a little studio in Meerhout and at the home of singer and guitar player Ruben Block they managed perfectly. Triggerfinger succeeds in giving the genre a brilliant face-lift. With a straight set that is not often seen (a metal band worthy) and excellent songs that – regardless of the decibels – are prefect to sing along with and that keep sticking in your mind. Also the covers are as daring as they are strong: John Foggerty’s Commotion is provided with the dirtiest guitar solo’s that Ruben Block was able to dig up from the Antwerp sewers and Jacques Brel’s Au Suivant proves just how broad his roots really are. Triggerfinger currently seeks new goals in Holland. Be aware: they shoot sharp !”
(Source: Oor 04/04/2004)
- Oor


The self-titled full album 'Triggerfinger' was released in Belgium in January 2004 and in Holland it is out since September 2004. It was released in Germany in October 2005.
Single 'On My Knees' was in Belgium's premium alternative charts De Afrekening for 16 weeks.
Single 'Lil'Teaser' was on the compilation for Visions magazine that came with the January 2006 issue.


Feeling a bit camera shy


With the release of their self titled debut album, Triggerfinger caused a serious earthquake in the dozing off land of rock-'n-roll. Because only every so often does it happen that magic is born out of bringing musicians together. Think of The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Motörhead (as Lemmy is worth a whole orchestra) or, more recently, Queens of the Stone Age. With Ruben Block doing vocals and guitar(s), Monsieur Paul on bass and Belgium’s most wanted Mario Goossens on drums, Triggerfinger became such a band where the unit adds up to more than the sum of the individual parts.

The Triggers are no freshly shaved rookies.

Ruben Block earned his spurs with amazing psychobilly band Sin Alley, that later would roll over into the rather fantastic AngeliCo, which brought together pop, electronics, overdriven guitars and lady singer Martine Van Hoof. No simple task. Signed to Universal Records, AngeliCo released the fabulous album “No rest for the wicked” in 2000. Conflicting calendars and shifted priorities of the band members resulted in a group split in 2003 and, fortunately, made Ruben Block to fully concentrate on Triggerfinger and to put his songwriting talent to use for the material of the first full album.

Drum sensation Mario Goossens goes back to the days of the Hoodoo Club but would later on turn out to be a real butcher in the employ of Stijn Meuris with whom he launched the Dutch rock to unknown heights in bands Monza and Noordkaap. Something which caught the excellent ear of Alex Callier, for he hooked Mario, as soon as he could, to help Hooverphonic conquer the world. Meanwhile Mario’s drumming skills did not go unnoticed outside the Belgian borders and recently UK band Winterville also hauled him in. Winterville’s first album is to be released in 2005 on Island Records UK.

The story of senior band member Monsieur Paul goes somewhat different from the one of Mario and Ruben, but this doesn't make it less interesting. For a start, Mr. Paul is one of the best, most important and most influential Belgian guitarists. He earned this reputation with the legendary Boxcars, with The Popgun and The Wolfbanes, or for an amazing number of years alongside the slim body of BJ Scott. How Mr. Paul finally evolved to the bass guitar, has become totally irrelevant. What counts is how at times he is taming this four-string monster, than again mishandling it, at times tempering it, than again letting it take its course. And most importantly: how he makes his monster stamp to Mario's hammering drums, laying the foundation for Ruben Block, allowing the latter to unchain his devils with full surrender along his razor-edged and screeming guitar and his impressive voice.

With their loud and cool but very sexy roots rock and mind-blowing live performance, Triggerfinger has already become a milestone in the history of Belgian rock-‘n-roll and give it that unique stubborn twist that hits you right in the face and will affect your personal life forever.