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2005 – Subcity Recordings/ Green LFant

FADERS UP (live)
2007 – Hall Of Records

2008 - Excelsior



This Antwerp based three-piece has been quoted as the hardest rocking band in the Low Countries, even long before release of “Triggerfinger”, their debut in 2004
From the very beginning, Ruben Block - Triggerfinger’s charismatic singer/guitarist - was aware of the restriction of recording an album and capturing their overwhelming live sound : “an album is always a snapshot, because a song you record at a certain moment will sound completely different a year later, after intensive touring. For us music is an evolutionary process, and this evolution is difficult to capture on an album”

In any case, “Triggerfinger” was a successful snapshot, with obvious references to classic rock legends (think Led Zep, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Motörhead, ZZ Top, The Pretenders, Deep Purple, Masters of Reality, and others).
The references may be old, retired or some of them may even be dead; but those who are familiar with the material will understand that the Triggerfinger sound is a little rough but tight, smooth and sexy, loud but groovy .

In 2007 it was time for a second snapshot, the result was “Faders Up”, a live-recording of a Triggerfinger show on the 8th September 2006 in hometown Antwerp.

‘What Grabs Ya?”, the 3rd Triggerfinger album was recorded in the Red Tape studios in Aarschot (B) at the beginning of 2008. Produced by Jo Francken and mastered by Fred Kevorkian in NY, this album boasts - once again - a sh*tload of good old testosterone. Those who know will recognize the “Grab your air guitar and spread your legs” basic principle that Triggerfinger likes to evoke. For the first time, the band’s sound on the album, comes satisfyingly close to the overwhelming live sound they produce.
The album was released as a CD and a vinyl album.
Prepare, and remember, when placing the pink round thing in your CD player, or when putting the needle on your black vinyl 33 record; straddle those legs and put your fingers up in the air…