Trigger Renegade

Trigger Renegade


the owls are not what they seem


We are an underground band which plays shows and makes records. We are righteous metal heads and collectors of hesh'n rock n roll from all decades. Also we love burritos.

Black Sabbath - Slade - Judas Priest - UFO - Thin Lizzy - Queens of the Stone Age - Cheap Trick - Iron Maiden - Queen - Witchfinder General

We have played with:
Angel Witch, Drunk Horse, Birds of Avalon, Priestbird, Pit er Pat, Night After Night, Gargantula, and Frank Hannon.

If you're a booker checking to see what kind of venues we play this is for you:

Hemlock - SF
Annies Social Club - SF
Red Devil Lounge - SF
Boardners - LA
Catalyst - SC
Berbatis - Portland
Tonic Lounge - Portland

The Buzz:

“#1 Hard Rock Album of ’07 So Far” - Chuck Eddy, Senior Editor of Billboard Magazine

“Post-metal geniuses” - Bill Forman, Santa Cruz Metro


Shootout E.P. - 2005 - 7" Single
Destroy Your Mind - 2007 - CD/LP

Set List

Sets include an average of 30-60 min of original material.
Can cover up to 90 min.
Can do 2 sets in a night.
Balloon animals apon request.

Occasional covers include songs by Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, ZZ Top, Girlschool, and UFO.