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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Trigger Rulegade"

We are always getting tons of new reviews. For the most up to date collection of flattery, check out the blog on our myspace:

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Every once in awhile you hear an album that brings back that magical feel you felt when you first started listening to music. Like the first time I listened to Queen "The Game" or Kiss's "Rock N' Roll Over". I was instantly hooked and even to this day I get a warm feeling when I put those albums on. Trigger Renegade has created a project that has that same feeling. They come right out and say they are influenced by the 70's and they bring that you back to those days when music was getting heavier and heavier and more out of control. Like the Bon Scott era AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Kiss, Cheap Trick and the early NWOBHM. Trigger Renegade knows how to party it up, they aren't trying to talk over our heads. They implement some tasty licks that lean towards the Metal side, sometimes sounding like early Maiden. Vocalist Blake Meahl probably sounds more like the early LA Scene than the 70's, which is actually fine by me. I hear some elements of bands like Fastway, Kix, LA Guns and bands of that style. What I really appreciate about the album is perhaps what some might call flaws. The production isn't perfect, but it gives it that live "Garage Rock" feel to it so even though they're no inventing the wheel, it sounds modern and fresh. I would love to see these guys, I can only imagine the craziness of the live show, the songs seems customized for the stage. If you like rock from any era, you have to have this CD, which is really more of an "album" like we used to buy. There's no fillers and it even has a ballad that's more creepy than mushy called "Anthem For The Dead". Oh yeah, there's plenty of cowbell and gang vocals too, which you can never get enough of dammit! - TORCH, Rock and a Hard Place Magazine - From Billboard to Fan-zines


Shootout E.P. - 2005 - 7" Single
Destroy Your Mind - 2007 - CD/LP



We are an underground band which plays shows and makes records. We are righteous metal heads and collectors of hesh'n rock n roll from all decades. Also we love burritos.

Black Sabbath - Slade - Judas Priest - UFO - Thin Lizzy - Queens of the Stone Age - Cheap Trick - Iron Maiden - Queen - Witchfinder General

We have played with:
Angel Witch, Drunk Horse, Birds of Avalon, Priestbird, Pit er Pat, Night After Night, Gargantula, and Frank Hannon.

If you're a booker checking to see what kind of venues we play this is for you:

Hemlock - SF
Annies Social Club - SF
Red Devil Lounge - SF
Boardners - LA
Catalyst - SC
Berbatis - Portland
Tonic Lounge - Portland

The Buzz:

“#1 Hard Rock Album of ’07 So Far” - Chuck Eddy, Senior Editor of Billboard Magazine

“Post-metal geniuses” - Bill Forman, Santa Cruz Metro