Heavy yet emotional. Great songs. Songs that make your hair stand up. Songs that give you that feeling. Songs that can be on the pop radio stations as well as the rock radio stations. Great live shows. Unbelievable energy from the band. Check them out and see for yourself.


Triggerslip is influenced by a wide array of artists. The members have extremely different tastes individually, but agree and come together with the emotion of heavy rock music. The list of influences stem from Ani Difranco to Fantomas.
Triggerslip offers nothing musically that hasn't been heard before, besides great songs. That is what matters. They are the rock band to love. In a business that is compiled of cleverness and uniqueness, the media is missing the big picture; it is the music itself that matters most.


Triggerslip - Triggerslip EP
Triggerslip - "Second Chance" Single
Triggerslip - Bullets and Broken Promises Double LP

Triggerslip has been played on 103.1 the Buzz in West Palm Beach, Florida and on 94.9 Zeta in Miami, Florida.

Set List

Through the Window
Second Chance
Further than Down
Until it's Gone
Better Places
Along for the Ride
Regret it and Bleed
Heaven's in the Way
Better off Alone

Sets usually range anywhere from 30 to 75 minutes. Depends on what the venue allows. Usually try to stay away from covers. Triggerslip is there to perform their own songs.