Trigger the Tragedy

Trigger the Tragedy


Here to piss in your ear and call it music, Trigger the Tragedy is the next awesome none-pop-punk band out your local pop-punk (SUM41, Not by Choice)supplying town called Ajax. Teenage girls armed with fake ID, prepare to recieve orgasms from drunken hardcore riffs and a handsome screaming vocalist.


Because you are tired of the generic Metalcore, with its tight-fit pants, emo hair, and lame breakdowns, Trigger the Tragedy took time off from promissing rocket science careers to bring you a new, fresh sound. You can pick up their debut, environmentally friendly, EP at their shows for free, yes I said it, FREE EP. All they ask for in return is an awkward hug followed by regret due to a wet sweat stain on your brand new silk shirt and a smell that no perfume can cover.


EP (2007)
1. Triumph
2. A Night In An Ice Casket
3. Naming Bullets
4. This Ain't A Revolution
5. Bad Aim
6. They Never Covered This In The Handbook