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"HM Magazine"

"Hammer on the forehead nu-metal reveling in the glories of the hardcore/raprock days. Simple, yet effective." - Pick of the Litter


"I definitely recommend (Fixed Retina) to anyone who loves their Metal with a definite attitude.” - Wheat

"Tear Down the Walls Festival / CBAM Venue"

"Lyrically advanced beyond their years, Post Mortum adds a funky backbeat to a guitar driven locomotive. You'll leave their concert physically charged, emotionally enriched, and spiritually filled. I just found the NEXT thing in the hard rock scene." - Dean Lessman (promoter, owner)


"You’d be fooling yourself as a fan of rock without Post Mortum heating up your collection." - William Fink (journalist)


"Post Mortum is a band that, in having in studio and talking to one on one, is all about bringing the message of Christ through hardcore music and it works!" - DJ Milloy

"Shield N Buckler Clothing Company"

"The best of Post Mortum is brought out in their intense live performances. The band is no stranger to the stage and knows what it takes to perform successfully." - Matt Lester (owner)

"Up Rise Zine"

"Post Mortum's Fixed Retina TOTALLY KICKS THE DEVILS TAIL!!! Excessive Deletive is one of the BEST Christian Metal songs of all times!! It is a future classic and a truly epic anthem for Christian HEAVY Music!! Definitely our 2006 song of the year, hands down!!" - Kuba

"The Full Armor Of God Broadcast"

"Post Mortum hits the next level with Road Ahead!! This album CRANKS from front to back! They have utterly re-defined their own unique style and they sound better than ever! "

- Kuba (host)


"Post Mortum hits the stage with a fury that can not be contained, their music delivered with a Passion, carrying a Message, that must not be ignored" - Ted Bruun


"The reason "Road Ahead" is so impressive to me is the fact that the guys in Post Mortum are not afraid to experiment with the expansion of their sound. This is one hell of a release from one hell of a band." - Wheat


Road Ahead, Ocean View Records, 2007.
Fixed Retiana, Independent, 2005.



“With a long, hard road behind us, we are keeping our focus on the road ahead,” states Post Mortum guitarist, Brysson, in reference to the band’s upcoming Bulwark Records release. Since forming in the heart of rural Ohio’s Amish country in 2004, Post Mortum has faced nothing but hardships and challenges. “Nothing has ever come easy for us, yet we have never backed down from a challenge,” Brysson claims.

In the center of America’s heartland where there is little to do but watch the corn grow, Post Mortum set the example of rising against the odds to pursue dreams regardless of the cost. As just a bunch of kids finishing high-school, the band prioritized their lives, focusing on what they wanted to do and who they wanted to be. Independently released in 2005, Post Mortum’s “in-your-face, heavy-hitting” debut album titled Fixed Retina effectively encourages people to get their focus and priorities on where they want to go in life.

Post Mortum faced a whole new set of challenges as they left the comforts of their homes and began extensively touring the country. Band members came and went as marriages, finances, and strenuous schedules proved overbearing to some. Yet the band continued to move forward with a growing tour schedule as they inked a deal with Ocean View Records and released their first national release, Road Ahead, in 2007. “Drip”, the first single off of Road Ahead quickly reached number two on CMJ radio charts and remained there for nine weeks, as the album swept across the country and overseas.

“The biggest challenge we ever faced came in the spring of 2008,” Brysson tells. The band was sailing high with their Road Ahead release and a nine-month touring schedule already booked solid, but three weeks into the tour frontman Dru Yost unexpectedly left the band. Directly following his departure was the death of a close friend and two family members, two robberies, and an encounter with a hit-and-run 18-wheeler which left the band mourning for loved ones, with no laptops, no clothes, no violin, and no trailer. Yet somehow they only cancelled two shows. Drummer Dan Miller remembers asking a stranger to use their computer just to look at the band’s website for their tour schedule so they could figure out where to go next.

Meanwhile, instead of supporting the band, Ocean View Records dropped Post Mortum from the label. “In the midst of a crowded downtown Memphis, TN, I’ve never felt so alone, deserted, and betrayed in my life,” recalls Brysson. “I felt like the world had turned its back on me. All we had was each other, and I questioned why we were doing this. The lyrics in the chorus of ‘Dysfunction’ were repeating over and over in my head. 'Lord I’m scared, wake me from this nightmare.'” But instead of giving up and returning home, Post Mortum only grew closer and more focused as they kept pushing forward.

Having been pummeled by a whirlwind of disaster, Post Mortum has continued to stand firm and rise above it all. “These trials have taught us life lessons of who we really are and what really matters in life,” says violinist DeRock. Post Mortum’s song “Still Alive” has taken a new deep, personal meaning in the band. 'I’ve been through the utmost pain, nothing to live for, nothing to gain…' But an array of hope shines through as the dark verse reaches the chorus, 'But now I’m still alive…' climaxing to the inspirational breakdown, 'Never can I die!! Never can I die!!' “The song has become an anthem to us,” states vocalist/bassist AP.

Through their perseverance, Post Mortum is preparing to release a completely remixed and remastered version of Road Ahead on Bulwark Records featuring a brand new track. “Since the album has taken on a new meaning for each of us, we wanted to redo it bigger and better this time with proper label backing, so that we can continue to share the passion that this record has stirred up in our hearts,” Brysson says. “The new track, ‘One Regret’ is about how all of the regrets in our lives boil down to one thing, and that is not waking up every morning with our focus where it needs to be. We want to see everyone reach their goals in life whether it’s to be a doctor, an artist, a computer programmer, or a mailman, it doesn’t matter. We just want to encourage and inspire you to focus on and pursue that dream no matter the course and no matter the obstacles you face. You can overcome it all. DON’T GIVE UP!! Let’s all continue on this road ahead together...”