We are a theatrical synth-pop duo with influences ranging from Talking Heads to Kraftwerk. We make charmingly personal and off-kilter pop about a wide range of quirky subjects.


Stephen Taylor spent ten years making music with various people under different names (Zipperhead and Frenetic Hornheads, to name a few) and four years in art school until he met Xania Keane in 2007 and their lives changed forever.

After playing a handful of shows with four other players in Montreal, Keane and Taylor moved to Vancouver in the fall of 2007 with 100 dollars and one clear goal: to make their living as musicians/ artists. They began busking.

Busking is where they developed and fine-tuned their act. Keane took a stronger role in the outfit, incorporating lightening-speed rapping, Irish step-dancing, glockenspiel and toy-digital guitar. They collaborated more and more, writing songs such as "Let's Jog" and "George Stroumbouloupolous".

One week after arriving in Vancouver, Trike performed their song "Masturbation" at a local open mic and were spotted by Ian Jarvis and Chris Murphy, who decided to record their next album, an EP, for free. In October, 2007, Trike's fifth album, "Heaven Is A Zipper Away" was released to a full house at Café Deux Soleils.

Around this time, while busking, the duo was spotted by people who worked for local Vancouver radio station, C101. They were invited to take part in "The Gong Show". After 73 other contestants and three rounds, they won, taking home $20,000.

With this money, Keane and Taylor booked a 15-stop tour around Europe. In April, 2008, they left for Amsterdam on their tour.

The 15 shows quickly grew to 75 gigs in 9 different European countries, they were warmly written about in FAZ (Popular German Magazine) and were interviewed by a magazine called "Boardstein". After the tour, they toured Canada and recorded a new album: Mushy Muschi Moshi.

Together they play electro-synth-pop. They are audience-interactive and theatrical; incorporating costume-changes, teaching dance moves, spanking audience members and jogging through venues.


Sucks To Die

Written By: Trike

Speaking to a vacuum
and it didn't have anything to say
i said, you really suck
all you do is suck
suck the dirt

what's the nature of your soul?
are you dusty like the bottom of my sole?
and do you have a goal? because my only goal is
to live until i die
and it sucks to die
it sucks to die



Banana Bike (under the name Zipperhead)
The New Album (2005)
Heaven Is A Zipper Away (EP) (2007)
Do The Trikey - 23 Golden Hits (2008)
Mushy Muschi Moshi (in production) (2009)

Singles that have radio airplay:

Body Like Mine (The New Album)
Bring The Shit Back (The New Album)
Do The Trikey (Do The Trikey)

Set List

Our typical set list runs from 45 minutes to 80 minutes. We do 25 songs and two covers.

Our songs are as follows:

Do The Trikey
Let's Jog
Bring The Shit Back
Player In Love
Don't Throw Your Heart Away
Fat Dancer
My Little Pony
Body Like Mine
Mag Ik Met Jou
Crazy Glue
Inner Tubing
Sucks To Die
Sun Burns Up
Chachi Boys and Girls
George Stroumbouloupolous
Fuzzy Pink Bunnies
Dutch Girls On Bicycles
Julie Booth
Urban Grey
White Flashes
Maru's Reel

Johnny Be Good
Hide Your Love Away