Get ready to embrace it. You just may want to clear your afternoon schedule and listen to their record cover to cover, then let it repeat twice!
The band's name is Trikuti, and they are the next big thing.
Comprised of four spiritual and educated musicians from Lido Beach, NY, the band uniquely demonstrates tasteful virtuosity through an eclectic
blend of original music. Transcending the barriers of a typical rock group, Trikuti writes and performs passionate songs driven by a yearning for the divine.
Trikuti recently teamed up with Grammy award- winning producer Chris Conway (Eminem, The Marshall Mathers LP) to record their fresh,
self-titled LP in New York's Chung King Studios.



Written By: Scott Seader, Partner Trikuti LLC

The dawning of creation pried open eyes to view the revelation disguised as time. Our fate was known, set in stone, while our segregation spawned duality. Oh it’s been told that the world is nearing destruction. Free our souls in 2012? I hope so. We’ve classified our notions as science or art. We stir a large commotion and we fall apart.

My Alibis

Written By: Scott Seader, Partner Trikuti LLC

As the days go by, I’ll pretend that I’m okay, while she’s led astray by the words I say. I know it’s wrong, but I am a slave. My libido reigns, I’ve lost control. Where do we go from here? Where do we go when we find out our worlds collide? Well my alibis may get me by for now, but they won’t suffice nor justify my self-destruction.

D Funk

Written By: Scott Seader, Partner Trikuti LLC

He roams the ground beneath his tired feet. He left the shoes he once filled in the street. Woke up this morning and refused to speak. She tried to bring him down, but he's not weak. Women come and go, but friends, they ride to the end of the road. We're cruising tonight, just me and my brothers. Tell me who can deny this vibe for another? We've all been down at one time, kicked in the face. How our friends provide us constant grace.


Trikuti (self-titled LP) 2008