Trill a.k.a Natural Cause

Trill a.k.a Natural Cause

 Omaha, Nebraska, USA
BandHip HopWorld

All original for all kinds of minds.


Born and raised in Omaha,NE in 1989 Tracy Muldrew a.k.a Trill grew up with a passion and love for music. " every since we use to record over the artist tapes". Always believing determination and dedication will pay off. "I was about 8 years old my first time recording in a studio" witch taught him a lot keeping motivation in him to stay at it. Since then he's been writing and performing becoming a musical messenger for the world. Now releasing his first all original album He's ready to express his art to all people."Since you can't see life through my eyes, I'm a show u life from my perspective through my art".


'Natural Cause' the album coming July 2010.

Set List

10 songs 3 minuets each song.