Newark, New Jersey, USA
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Picasso said "Every child is born an artist." I never look at this as just music. Knowing that this is an ART form is key in creating music that will last. Maybe its the visual artist in me bursting out. As an artist I just wants to be heard. Anytime someone hears me, I feel accomplished


“Contemporary nostalgia:” That is what Trills proclaims he brings to Hip Hop. Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, a city full of resilience, Trills is exactly that. He has gone from his humble beginnings with his former group 4.5.6 who scored plays in local skating rinks, to his current successes that include being played on various online and college radio stations across the country. With this fueling his passion, its only full steam ahead.
Trills never had a chance to do anything outside of the arts. Early into elementary school his parents realized that he could draw far beyond any kids his age. “I respect my parents for understanding I had something and supporting it. That opened the ability to be comfortable with my creativity in any aspect.” He also grew up with rap music at every turn. His brother (a member of The Zoo Crew) was heavily involved in the New Jersey music scene. He himself appeared in many Naughty by Nature and Lords of the Underground music videos. His closest friend Supreme C and “brother from another mother” was featured on the LOTUG song Neva Faded in 1994. From there he began to write lyrics of his own.
As Trills entered junior high school he began to rebel and hang with friends that sold drugs, stole bikes and eventually cars. “I’m from the car theft capitol; it was inevitable to have friends that were into that. I’m just lucky I entered a situation that could turn that around.” That situation was his acceptance to Arts High School in Newark, New Jersey. Attending the school that groomed Tisha Campbell-Martin, Savion Glover, Melba Moore, Tame One, Sarah Vaughan, and attending with Kat DeLuna meant that things were looking up for a young man born around such turmoil.
While attending as a visual Art Major, he discovered that he had a great knack for painting but also befriended music majors that would help develop his writing as well. After meeting a few creative counterparts that included writers, singers, and producers he began to experiment and find his voice. During these years Trills lost family due to drug use, incarceration, and a very close cousin in a gang initiation. This only pushed him much harder. “Those were the hardest years of my life. There was a lot of searching and a lot of tears.”
He has since developed a company alongside those same creative friends from high school. Triple Beam caters to and surely isn’t limited to Music Production, Photography, Graphic Design, and host of other artistic elements. While Trills may be selling pop art paintings or working on screenplays he is by far more concerned with Hip Hop. The most recently released "Breaking The Fourth Wall" has already been called "Possibly The best mixtape we will hear this year" and it's reach is massive “A woman who loves country music hit me on twitter and said her daughter who goes to Ithaca College heard it on the schools station. The mother told me she likes what I’m doing but doesn’t particularly like the genre usually. I’m like is she gassing me? Who cares if she’s listening and following I am happy.”
Inspired by Gordon Parks, Trills plans to bring a lot of substance to the culture. He has been conditioned to love art and music and has plans on extending what it means to be an artist.”Trills is definitely the epitome of the neo rapper. If the future means rappers who are in tune with the streets and are vastly creative in many other aspects we are all in. Trills isn’t about a coast, a sound, or a trend, he has much more to share. “I love the essence of Hip Hop. There is so much beauty in the struggle. I love it! My favorite photography medium is urban decay. I paint and mock pop culture and politics. I love to be heard sonically and visually. There is so much to say, Hip Hop is the perfect platform. I won’t be muffled; I go too hard with expression.”


Trills Presents: Eargasm/ April 2010

Breaking The Fourth Wall/ February 2011

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