"It's a burbling, oompahing wheeze that seems to be groaning with the rest of creation." -- Bill Friskics-Warren, NO DEPRESSION [see WWW.MYSPACE.COM/TRILOBITE]


MARK RAY LEWIS was raised on Highway 61 across from the Huck Finn Shopping Center in Hannibal MO. His father was a Southern Baptist preacher who could play hymns on the piano by ear, and his mom sang in church and recorded an album/8-track. In his 20's he was working as a landscaper in New Mexico when Stanford U. offered him a monthly stipend to do nothing but sit around and write fiction. His writing won an O.Henry and a Pushcart Prize following nominations from Dave Eggers and Joyce Carol Oates. Returning to the Southwest, Mark met a friendly group of musicians and Trilobite was formed.


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Written By: Mark Ray Lewis

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2nd Record "Silver Skin" to be released on 8/4/08. 1st (eponymous) record has been played by DJ's Nic Harcourt (KCRW) and Bob Harris (BBC2) and many others. More DJ's and podcasts and other press clips are listed at