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Cocktail Weenie Blues

Written By: Randy Rogers

© 2006 Randy Rogers, BMI

She left me last evening
It was a catered affair
Had some friends over
Saints and the Bears
Sunday Night Football
I had the Bears and two
She walked out at halftime
With the cocktail weenie blues

I wasn’t endowed by my creator
If you know what I mean
If bigger is better, well
I’m somewhere in between
She wanted more from me
But what was I to do?
She wasn’t happy havin’
The cocktail weenie blues

Functional little fella
Just a tad small
I don’t blame myself
Didn’t get to make that call
Tried giving it funny names
But she wasn’t amused
She got tired of livin’ with
The cocktail weenie blues

What comes in the package
Shouldn’t be a surprise
I’ve tried to be honest
Look ‘em straight in the eyes
Tell them what they’ll find
Before they learn the news
Ain’t nothin’ funny ‘bout havin’
The cocktail weenie blues


Written By: Randy Rogers

© 2006 Randy Rogers, BMI

The last time I saw him
He was God-awful thin
Softly playing his guitar
Like rain bouncin’ off tin
I played my harmonica
To a tune that we both knew
While he sang a story
‘bout livin’ the Delta blues


Now his guitar's in the corner
His angel’s at my door
The paper said a legend’s dead
Like they ain’t makin’ any more
He was as good as the best
And all those who came before
The paper said a legend’s dead
Like they ain’t makin’ any more

2. I took him to the doctor
The day he got the news
One more punch in the gut
For a man who sang the blues
We played until the day he died
Cause that’s what he wanted to
Every day we made it count
Every night he sang the blues

3. We wrote some songs together
I’ll show you 'fore you go
I wish now I had made a tape
But how was I to know?
They buried him out on a hill
Under a big magnolia tree
One steamy Delta morning
While I played a blues melody

Chorus: repeat