TRIMM is a melodic, groove oriented original rock band from New Jersey. Combining rock with an outstanding live show, TRIMM has established themselves as one of New Jersey's premiere rock bands.


What sets TRIMM apart from other bands out there today? Put simply, their live performance. TRIMM brings versatile music influnces together for their unique rock sound and combines that with their energy on stage. TRIMM has played most of New Jersey, New York, Conneticut, Virginia, and Pennslyvania. TRIMM has opened up for such as acts as: Quiet Riot; L.A. Guns; W.A.S.P; Stephen Pearcy (formerly of Ratt); Gilby Clarke; the late John Entwhistle of The Who; The Screaming Cheetah Wheelies; and 2001 Ozzfest performer Godhead. TRIMM has seen airplay on WHDA 105.5, WRAT95.9, and have also been interviewed on Kean University's "Outlaw Radio" which included a live acoustic set. The debut EP is currently on the shelves in all eight CD World locations in New Jersey. TRIMM placed 4th out of 300 bands in the 4th annual Battle of the Bands. The complete TRIMM lineup has only been together for a short amount of time. The accomplishments reached already sets TRIMM aside from typical bands out there today.



Written By: Lyrics: Gerard / Music: Trimm

I'm still alive should I really be?
You're engraved in my soul
Poisoned mind thinking that you're right
I'm out of mind and I'm out of sight
Take the time then you'll realize
Just stand tall and you will never die

You knock me down as I begin to rise
This crazy feeling running in my mind
You knock me down your own suicide
Here I come as I begin to rise

Night has fallen
The devil's on my back
Creeping in and crawling
Falling into my demise no one can save me this time
This injustice surrounding me and I can't remember who I'm
'suppose to be

Living in your twisted mixed up dream to blind to truly see that it's me in front of you taking control to be gotta feel gotta figure out this fucked up world someone tell me who I am who I am and who I'm 'suppose to be

Full of Hate

Written By: Lyrics: Gerard / Music: Trimm

Hate you wake up with it everyday
And your searching for a better way to be
You swore to God now it's time you get down on your knees
And pray with every breath you take as you search for your piece of mind
With your arms so wide tell me that, that you finally see

So catch me as I'm falling
And I'm falling far from grace
I'm a man that's full of anger
In a world that's full of hate

Get back the feeling that you had inside
When life was a fun ride
Sacrifice is on your list inch by inch you come so close you
Realize the love that you left behind
And it's something you can't deny
With your arms so wide tell me that, that you finally see

So catch me as I'm falling
And I'm falling far from grace
I'm a man that's full of anger
In a world that's full of hate
You're one step from disaster
Can this be your final fate
You're a man that's full of anger
In a world that's full of hate

catch me...catch me as I'm falling

Visions (In my head)

Written By: Lyrics: Gerard / Music: Trimm

Tell me how've you been
I haven't seen you in quite sometime but nothing nothing ever changes
No nothing ever changes
I wasn't good enough then but I'm good enough now
The king has fallen and you're wearing his crown
Somethings will never change, never can rearrange
And somethings that could be, something's should never be

Think you can walk out
Then walk back in again
I've seen you in my dreams the visions that I see in my head
You're gonna to push me well I'm gonna push you back
I've seen you in my dreams
Visions that I see in my head

So you want to be something you'll never be
Signs are everywhere you gotta take a look around and see
See there's nothing left, left to comprehend
Something's are better left for dead
I believe that we're meant to be and something's should never could never be


TRIMM, self titled 5 song EP (reviewed in New Jersey's Rock Newspaper, The Aquarian)
The Shaved EP, NEW 3 song EP.
Songs that have been on the radio:
Real Life
It Would Be Nice
"Are you Listening" a new 5 song demo is near completion.

Set List

Typical set list is 45 - 1 hour. Depending on the venue. Some nights call for 2 hour time which then the sets are broken into 2. Trimm also has a variety of cover songs to mix in their set if needed.
(typical set)
Save Me
It Would Be Nice
Missing You
Better Days
Visions (In my head)
Full of Hate
Roadhouse Blues - The Doors
State of Love and Trust - Pearl Jam
Me & Julio - Paul Simon
Greed - Godsmack
Sweet Home Alabama - Lynard Skynard
Mudshovel - Staind