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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
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"MLK on "Charlotte Today""

Choir students featured on "Charlotte Today" singing their school song "Purpose"! - Charlotte Today

"Choir Students at MLK Middle Sing with 'Purpose""

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The choir at Charlotte's Martin Luther King Middle School is hitting some unexpected high notes this year.

When students sing in Trina Moore's class, they sing with a purpose.

"My life has meaning. I am destined to make this world a better place," they sing.

Moore wrote the song "Purpose" herself.

"I started playing around with it on the piano and a melody came up and that's where it all began," Moore said. "I brought it to school and I sang it for the kids and they fell in love with it."

"Purpose" quickly became the school song and is played on the announcements every morning.

"When I was writing, I said, you know, this is going to be something these kids are going to remember even when they leave school," Moore said.

Seventh-grader D'aysia Morrison said, "'Purpose' is one of those songs that it not only has a message but it's fun to listen to. I think about the one verse that says, 'The dreams I have for my life are peace and prosperity.'"

Morrison said the song has helped shape her dream.

"I told Ms. Moore I didn't want to go to college and she played the song and she gave me a lecture on what purpose actually meant, and since then I've changed, not just academically, but in my life period," Morrison said.

"It's not only affecting them as choral students, but I see the results in other areas of their lives," Moore said.

Seventh-grader Jasmine Williams said the song and singing in the choir has also changed her life.

"I was, like, being mean to everybody. I was, like, kind of a bully," she said. "Usually I don't smile and a big smile came upon my face, I was like, 'I like that song.'"

Moore said, "I'm glad that it's doing what it's doing. I just didn't know how big of an impact it would have on them."

The song is available for download on and iTunes.

- WCNC News Channel 36 - Charlotte, NC Reported by Michelle Boudin

"Trina Moore's "Purpose""

Today is a gem of an interview -- an important conversation -- an enlightened dialogue with Trina Moore. Trina is an educator in Charlotte and has been a devoted Christian for many years. She is a friend and a co-worker. She has the respect and admiration of many of the people who know her. Trina will discuss Christiandome, Trina style.

SS: Welcome, Trinaaaaa Moore. How the heck are you girl?

TM: Wonderful wonderful, Ms. Shannon.

SS: (Laughing) You see me beaming right? I'm so glad I have a small part of everyone getting to know who you are. Your life is such a testament to the goodness of Jesus Christ. Tell me, how many years how you been saved?

TM: For real saved? Well, since about fifteen. I’m 32 years old. Saved for seventeen years.

SS: Wow, what have you learned in that time?

TM: Where do I start. From 15 until now, I learned God is just who He says He is. I’ve learned the ways of God in every facet of my life.

SS: Having known you for about three years now, I know it will be a heightened sense of the spirit of God moving through your words. I am truly ecstatic that you agreed to sit down for this interview. It is an absolute pleasure speaking with you. I can't thank you enough.

TM: Thank you for wanting to interview me. I’m humbled.

SS: Lets go back a little ok? How did it start? Tell me about your testimony.

TM: It started when I was 15, the summer of ’94 and we had really difficult family issues. During my sophomore year in high school, I came home and said, ‘Lord people have told me many things about you and I need you to show me who you really are.’ From that moment God showed me He was a provider, a healer, and a comforter. I wanted to deal with my problems the way I was taught so I wanted God to be what everyone was teaching me. From that day on I was like, ‘God I’m giving my entire life to you.’ He showed that He cared for me in so many ways even back then as a teenager. It wasn’t like I was this deep teenager. I was a normal person, but God was plain and basic and showed his ministry to me. He met me where I was. He showed what He was about. I also asked for focus and He did that too. From 10th grade to 12th grade I was a straight-A student. So when I say God was a keeper, He was a keeper. I mean nobody could sway me to do anything different. I didn’t drink, smoke, or hang out with the wrong crowd and I practiced abstinence.

SS: So before your salvation, were you like a totally different person?

TM: My basic characteristic was that I was a decent person, but my intensity and commitment to the Lord was what made the biggest difference.

SS: So before that you were just going through life just existing. So would you say that before salvation you were ordinary and after salvation you were extraordinary?

TM: Yes in the Lord, not in my own strength.

SS: You know, I once thought salvation was so corny. I'm serious. When I was in my twenties I used to say, 'I will get saved in my fifties, I want to have fun right now.' Such a misconception huh? Explain this thought-process that some people are still having today.

TM: Wow, I think it is the biggest misconception that you have to stop living because you’re a Christian. If anything you start living. The bible says He came to give us life and life more abundantly. I would say you haven’t lived unless you lived in Christ. If you lived according to the ways He said in the bible, you can’t help but have the best life. I think what scares people is where it says in the bible that you need to submit. People have a negative perception when it says, take up the cross and follow me. People think dictatorship by American standards. It’s not a dictatorship. If you buy a Mercedes and they give you a manual, you’re going to follow the manual. You will always end up on top when you follow Christ. I learned that, because I experienced it. When God tells me to do something, I’m like ok God I’ll do it even if it’s hard, because it’s not always easy. But when you have a relationship with Christ it is easier to obey God, because He wants the best for you. Anything He tells you to do, won’t harm you. It’s like having good English teachers who tell you to keep doing that draft over and over again. They only want the best for you, that’s why they drive you. They want perfection for you. I used to hate taking piano lessons with a passion. I wanted to quit, but my parents told me no. They said it was one of my gifts. They said I could thank them later. Piano is how I got to college. I got a full scholarship because of the piano and I left for college with $1,000 in my pocket.

SS: Now that’s God.

TM: Honey yes it is. Everything about getting into Livingstone College was God. All of it.

SS: Romans 10:9/10 is one of my favorite scriptures, because it talks about salvation in its simplest forms. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing simple about the totality of salvation, but don't you think that people just make it too complicated? The scripture simply says that if a person just utters, 'Jesus I know you exist, I want to love you, please forgive me, I know you died for my life, and I believe this with all my heart, a person’s life will change forever.

TM: I will say that salvation is not just the initial contact that you have when you first become saved. I believe we experience various levels of salvation as we grow in Christ. Walking in salvation is living life totally in Him and we need salvation to save us in every area of our lives so that we can totally walk in Him. That’s why the bible calls for Christians to live a life of repentance, because repentance is turning away from sin. We ask for forgiveness and then we repent (turn away from sin). If a person’s issue is drinking, then they should not go around bars anymore. If it’s cursing, then they should not be going around people who curse anymore or media that has cursing. Those things will feed that spirit. We have to be saved for real. Now that’s salvation. Salvation is not just Lord you saved me and now I’m done. We experience salvation throughout our walk with Christ so that we don’t keep falling in the same areas. There are certain levels in our experience where we should not still be doing the same things we were doing when we first got saved. Salvation enables us to be overcomers of sin.

SS: Trina that is some powerful stuff and it is obvious that you know your purpose.

TM: I do.

SS: Lets talk about Purpose. That word means so much to you, doesn't it?

TM: Oh yes it does. One of my favorite words this year.

SS: You wrote a song called Purpose? Talk more about the inspiration behind it. What mental place were you in when you wrote it?

TM: I wrote the song for my students, because I wanted them to learn to appreciate classical music. I wanted them to have something inspirational. I said Lord I need a song and the melody dropped in my spirit. The Lord gives me songs like that. Sometimes I get things in pieces. I wrote that song in two weeks.

SS: A song of such magnitude that I am convinced will meet the masses, you wrote in 2 weeks?

TM: Sometimes God uses the simplest things. The song is simple, but with a weighty message. I can’t take any credit. I don’t even write things like that. I usually write more churchy stuff. Purpose was out of my element. To write something like that was a growing process for me. It was a lot of work. My pastor was my vocal coach and I had to really practice to get the right feeling and tone in order to get to perform it. Someone else could have easily recorded the song.

SS: Trina somehow I don’t think anyone else could have recorded it the way you did.

TM; That’s what my pastor said. She said this is for you to do.

SS: What do you think it will take for people to find their purpose? That is half the battle to winning isn't it?

TM: I know we are all creations of God. You got to have that relationship with Christ in order to find out what you have to do. It all starts with that. He’s the one who gives us our calling and gifts and it’s going to take Him to help us fulfill it.

SS: You have agreed to bless everyone with your outstanding vocals on your CD. You sound amazing.

TM: To God be the glory.

SS: People will be able to listen to your wonderful vocals with just a click of their mouse, right from this website. It's amazing how just one moment in life can change your entire life. One click. Thank you for allowing everyone to listen to the song.

Click here to listen to Purpose (once on website, click on Music to listen)

SS: Before we go, I always like to ask a parting question. What scripture do you live your life by and why?

TM: Matthew 22:37, I will love the Lord with all my heart, with all my mind, and all my soul. That’s what I live by. He said that’s the greatest commandment and you will be obedient if you love God. You will do what He said to do. Loving God will make you want to be saved in every area.

SS: Trina, as expected, you did not disappoint. I know your words will bless many. Thank you for your Purpose.

TM: Thank you for taking the time to interview me. I appreciate it.
- Sharon Shannon "Charlotte Biblical Examiner" -

"MLK Middle Has A Purpose"

Everyone has a purpose in life. The key to using that purpose to its fullest potential is tapping into it and developing a motivation within to always do the best. Martin Luther King Middle chorus teacher Trina Moore has found a way to harness this within the students and form a powerful culture of purpose at the school.
Moore wrote the song “Purpose” for the students at Martin Luther King Middle. She frequently writes music and wanted to find a way to connect with all students through music. Moore started the song with her chorus classes and it quickly spread throughout the school.

“I wanted to produce a choral work that was fun for the students, but also had a weighted message,” she said. “I wanted them to be able to take something valuable out of it.”

The impact of the song “Purpose” has been tremendous on the school community. The school has adopted it as the official song and it is played each morning during announcements. Moore smiled when she admitted that it has been a pleasant surprise that students have internalized the message so deeply.

“It made me realize that we all have something we are destined to do,” said sixth-grade student Antonio Morrison. “It is my choice to embrace the reason that I am in the world, and I can make a difference.”

One student gave a powerful testimony about the positive impact that “Purpose” has had on his life specifically. He explained that he used to constantly get in trouble and run around with the wrong crowd, especially outside of school hours. Violence was a large part of his life until he realized that it was his decision to do better and get an education. He credits “Purpose” for a large part of this turnaround.

The excitement and passion that the students have for the song “Purpose” is contagious and noteworthy. Students noted a variety of benefits that have come from “Purpose” being a part of their daily lives. The ability to overcome tough situations and rise above, making new friends, building positive self-esteem, succeeding academically and understanding that leading a purpose driven life is up to the individual are all benefits that the students have seen from Martin Luther King Middle becoming a culture of purpose.

“I know that whatever I do, I need a purpose in life,” said seventh-grade student Jazmin Young. “I need to give 110 percent at whatever I do, I am in control of my future.”

Click here to listen to “Purpose.”
- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools


Be Like Jesus (2012)
Purpose (2011)



Trina Moore serves as the Director of Ministries at United Christian Fellowship Church International, Salisbury, NC, under the leadership of Pastor Sonya T. Ellerbe. Trina is a native of Tucson, AZ with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music Education from Livingstone College, Salisbury, NC, and a Master of School Administration Degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC.

Trina was promoted to Director of Ministries in 2011 after serving in various capacities such as Minster of Christian Education and Finance Minister. Under her leadership she is responsible for the ministry’s daily operation and oversight of all active ministries. She is also responsible for community outreach efforts and the development of new ministry opportunities discovered both in the church and community. In addition, Trina also serves as Minister of Music.

Trina has 10 years of teaching experience as a choral music teacher in Rowan-Salisbury Schools and Charlotte- Mecklenburg Schools. As choral music teacher at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School (MLK) in Charlotte, NC, Trina composed the song entitled “Purpose” which was adopted as the official school song at MLK and is played every school day even after her departure from the classroom. MLK’s school song was featured on commercial and internet radio and is available for sale on iTunes and Amazon MP3 Downloads. During the first three months after the song’s release it was heard in the US and 37 international countries. MLK was also featured on WCNC Channel 36 twice in the spring of 2011.

There is a Biblical principle that serves as the motivating foundation for Trina in life and ministry. It is found in Matthew 22:37, "You shall love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind." This Biblical commandment birthed Trina’s purpose for music ministry which is to give God all the glory, unite and reunite souls with Christ, and encourage the Body of Christ. She believes, “It is simply not enough to say that you love God. Godly love should be evident in action through humility, Godly character, and helping others live their lives with purpose.” Trina currently resides in Charlotte, NC.