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"Nashville Newzine"

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Trina Taylor, a singer/songwriter who left behind a six-figure income in NYC, cashed out on all her savings and moved to Nashville, TN, where in a strikingly short amount of time jump-started her career in the music industry. Trina Taylor's powerful and unique voice is captivating. Her lyrics will bring you on a journey filled with testimonies from her own life experiences growing up with traveling musicians, becoming a single mother, and walking away from complete stability for a dream! Trina Taylor’s song “Natural High” was the winner in the “Search for the Best Indie Songwriter” contest, “Shades of Blue” and “Remedy” were both nominated for the Los Angeles Music Awards as Best Song and Best Female Vocalist; respectively.
Trina was nominated twice for the NYC Jammy Awards as Best Female Artist. - Nashville Newzine

"Industry Reviews"

“She’s got the X-Factor, this indefinable determination. She will make it; it’s just a matter of when.”

“She’s got talent, a big heart and a lot of soul. She’s not afraid to make herself vulnerable if it means becoming a stronger artist.”
Bobby Taylor (Songwriter)

"She has the type of originality I saw in 1968; THAT type of talent."

"When I first heard Dylan, I listened to how he was singing and what he was singing, it blew me away. That’s how I feel about Trina. When you find someone original like that, you cannot pigeon hole her.“
Duane Hitchings (Songwriter, Grammy Winner),

“It was quick, if you’re a natural it just comes, it was there, she just needed someone to bring it out.”

“I liked the material, the way she wrote, and the way she performed on stage. Her performance is very natural. She’s got the performance, the looks, and the song.” Tony Novarro (songwriter/guitarist)

"Trina Taylor isn't just passionate about music - she knows the effort and sacrifice that are required, and she's not going to back down. She is extremely hard-working, dedicated, and will do everything necessary to ensure success.“
Gregg Rabin (The Jam NYC co-owner)

“Trina is incredibly unique, raw, and unschooled. She is untainted by formula writing. If she sticks it out, and keeps uniqueness, she will be huge. It’s easy to find people who can write and sing. But she is too unique.”
Doug Beiden (Producer)

“In Nashville, everybody is talented. Talent is important, but other factors are far more important: Having the drive, and being goal-oriented. Trina has a lot of drive, and has all these resources available. Nothing can stop her.”
Ted Hewitt (Producer)

- Trina Taylor

"Natural High"

Song: Natural High
"This is a fantastic song, and the performance is amazing. Love the emotion in your voice. Love the way in which the band uses dynamics to enhance to emotion in the performance. Playing is very tasty. Never interferes with the vocal, only enhances it. Chorus hook sends chills up and down my spine. This is amongst the best material currently being submitted to Taxi."  Taxi A&R

- Taxi A&R

"General Reviews"

“Trina- Reading your bio, sounds like you come a long way and did a lot of it all by yourself. Congrats. Your voice reminds me of a mix of Stevie Nicks and Lucinda Williams... kinda cool! You have a great sound around you too, the musicians are very professional sounding. Good luck.” Taxi A&R

“If in fact it is true that you have only been writing and performing for such a short time, it is pretty remarkable how powerful this material sounds. Some people seem to intuitively understand that craft and business of writing songs, however, and it doesn't take long before they're churning out real classics. To my ears it sounds like you've got the craft part of things firmly under control.” Taxi A&R

“Your song lyrics are intelligent, and passionate. You deal with many complex life issues that many a listener can relate to. Your choice of melody lines works well for your vox range and style. Vox are emotionally expressive, yet never sound forced. Music parts and arrangements work well. Eddie Vedder's inspiration is heard in some the vox phrasings. To me, it's a good thing and pays homage to his life changing inspiration in your life. I enjoyed listening to your songs, and hope to hear more in the near future. Thank you.” Taxi A&R

- Taxi A&R


"Natural High" - Released September 2007

"Natural High" & "Shades of Blue" being played on College Radio across the country.

2005, 2006 Nominee: NYC Jammy Awards “Best Original Artist”

Semi-Finalist: E Network’s E True Hollywood Story

2007 Nominee for Los Angeles Music Awards – Female Vocals/Adult Contemporary

Shades of Blue:
2007 Nominee for Los Angeles Music Awards – Song/Adult Contemporary

2006 Winner in “They Had To Start Somewhere” contest -The Local Show Live -88.5 fm WFCF

Garageband’s Track of The Day.

IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards)Finalist

Natural High
Winner in College Radio contest hosted by Broadjam. Natural High is being played on over 100 radio stations.

Natural High, Shades of Blue, Slow Ride, Remedy, American Dream, Have You Ever Had a Day, Go, Dear Jayde and Storyteller have all ranked on’s Top 10 Charts

“Featured Artist” - 5/29/07, 6/30/07, 8/15/07, 11/10/07



Trina Taylor is a singer/songwriter from New York who has been able to jump-start a career in the music industry in a strikingly short amount of time. From picking up a guitar for the first time to performing in front of a live audience, Trina has accomplished many milestones in four years, and continues to take on any goal she has set before her.

Trina Taylor currently resides in Nashville and works with a number of top songwriters and producers in the industry. Her talent and strong networking abilities have landed the unique opportunity to work with legends in the music industry such as Duane Hitchings, David Rivkin (David Z) and Doug Beiden. Together with Doug Beiden, she produced her first CD, Natural High, from which two of her songs were nominated for an award in the 17th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards. This CD caught the attention of producer David Z with whom she has been working with ever since. Trina Taylor is currently producing her second full CD with David Z.

As a little girl, Trina didn’t have the luxury of coming home to a white picket fence and “Playskool” swing set. Instead, she constantly traveled from one motel to the next as her parents toured the country playing music. The result of this lifestyle would prove to leave a bittersweet taste, placing hopes of a better life ahead.

After living most of her adolescent life on the road with her musician parents, Trina set out to find a different career path. However, when she found herself a single mother at the age of 21, she knew that the stability to which she had been searching for went from a questionable destiny, to a priority. She had been living in the dreaded cracks of the economic system where she was too wealthy for welfare, but too poor for anything more than subsistence. After two years in these conditions, a recruiter set an interview up for Trina, which then landed her a job working under Lee S. Ainslie III at Maverick Capital in Dallas, a multi-billion dollar Hedge Fund. Shortly after being hired, she was uprooted to New York City. It was there that for the next ten years Trina would develop a sharp business mind, working in high stakes situations where there was no room for error. In fact, it was thought by many, including the President/Founder (Lee S. Ainslie III) of the entire establishment, that Trina was the “nucleus” of the company. Mr. Lee Ainslie describes her as his second mind; she held everything in order and was the “go-to” person for any task.

Although her new life would supply her with stability and a comfortable income, Trina found herself building a life that was not her own. Following the tragic events of 9/11, Trina began realizing a new direction for herself. Stranded in her apartment due to the city lockdown, Trina began reflecting her life thus far; she recognized materialistic achievements, which had been defining her stability and success, but lacked substance. She flipped through channels trying to avoid all the devastating news stories when she came upon a live music telethon entitled An American Tribute to Heroes. She witnessed the powerful voice of Eddie Vedder perform a song called ‘The Long Road Home’. Watching in tears, she would realize her eventual calling: to affect people with music the way that she had just been affected. A million negative questions entered her excited yet nervous mind:

Was it too late to start over?
Was it too late to learn an instrument?
Is it only a pipe dream?
Was she setting herself up for failure?

On all accounts, she voted no. Less than three years later, during which she taught herself to play guitar, wrote songs, and performed throughout New York City, Trina quit her high-profile job at the hedge fund, packed her and her daughter’s belongings, cashed out on her retirement funds, and made her way to Nashville.

Through a chain of events, Trina would capture the attention of a Grammy Award Winning Producer, David Rivkin (David Z), with whom she is currently working.

Trina Taylor’s powerful and unique voice is captivating. Her lyrics will bring you on a journey filled with testimonies from her own life that leave you with a sense of hope and inspiration. With Folk Rock foundations, blues driven guitars, and eclectic influences from within the band ranging from Bluegrass to Funk, you can bet that the final mix will be in a league of its own. The different styles blended create a universal sound capable of reaching a massive audience. Trina’s secret is simply to take the elements of popular music from classic to present and combine it with her innovative and imaginative outlooks and interpretations.


Trina Taylor’s message is about strength, perseverance, believing in yourself, and never letting circumstance dictate your life. Trina’s songs have strong connotations both literal and underlying of finding your path, staying the course, and fulfilling your purpose. Trina delivers this message from her own