Roots...Rock...Reggae! TRIN-DO- The Reggae Experience! If you're a true lover of roots reggae with a contemporay edge, you'll love TRIN-DO. The ultimate Reggae show band!


TRIN-DO…the reggae experience

Every now and then, a great band comes along. TRIN-DO is that kind of band. A great band! Reminiscent of the greats of reggae music like Bob Marley & the Wailers, Burning Spear, Peter Tosh and Aswad, the resurgence of roots reggae is alive and represented well via TRIN-DO.

TRIN-DO, with its nine members, are led by Irino, on guitar ( a reggae legend and veteran) and front man Dru, a Jamaica native, gifted with heavenly voice. Their unique styles will astound you and keep you electrified, mesmerized and rocking.

TRIN-DO combines roots reggae with African rhythms adding contemporary splashes of rock, salsa and an urban edge. This is what creates
TRIN-DO's unique style of bass thumpin’, car bumpin’ rhydem rulin’ sound.

Above all, TRIN-DO is all about feeling good and invites you to come and get “ire” wit dem!


TRIN-DO...the reggae experience

Set List

Trin-Do Set List
• Lively Up Yourself – Bob Marley
• Stir It Up –Bob Marley
• I Shot The Sheriff – Bob Marley
• Burnin’ & Lootin’ - Bob marley
• Them Belly Full – Bob Marley
• Rebel Music – Bob Marley
• Natural Mystic – Bob Marley
• Waiting In Vain – Bob Marley
• One Love – Bob Marley
• Comin’ In From The Cold
• Redemption Song
• Rat Race – Bob Marley
• Jammin’ – Bob Marley
• Rejoice – Identity
• Man Not Sober – Steel Pulse
• Revolution – Bob Marley
• Imagine – Beatles
• Ital Light – Jacob Miller
• Wanted – Jacob Miller
• Reggae Ambassador – Third World
• Reggae Music – Steel Pulse
• Rumors – Steel Pulse
• Lego Beast – Steel Pulse
• Keep The Faith – Hodge
• Lady – Hodge
• What Cha Gonna Do – Hodge
• Small Hat Big Hat – Hodge
• Everybody’s Got A Right – Hodge
• Rebel – Jacob Miller
• I’m Not Free – Hodge
• Low Key Jammin’ – Third World
• Playing Us To Close – Third World
• Pretender – Hodge
• Make Believer – Third World
• Stay With the Rhythm – Third