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Cassandra D.(Trinity) Skinner is a native Houstonian who at the age of fifteen left to reside in San Diego, California to refine her lifestyle as an entrepreneur. She is also an accomplished writer, actor, and promoter. She has been actively involved in the entertainment industry since the early 1980’s, with several music projects, stage plays, and runway modeling contracts to her credit. She began writing in 1983 where she became an All American Academic Scholar for Arts and Poetry. After spending 8 years in California perfect in her craft, she now dedicates her time helping others to obtain their dream while she lives hers. Her dream includes her perfection in the industry of Spoken Word while providing a catalyst for poets, artists, and musicians. With that being said, Ms. Skinner is the founder and CEO of Rebirth Projects. She, along with her team, is currently working on several projects that are scheduled to be released throughout 2005 including the promotions of the arrival of the infamous Punany Poets, promotions and productions with educational systems such as North Houston School for Business, and sponsorship of the talented Ayana Gregory. As she moves through the fifth year of the new millennium, her plans are to continue to raise the awareness of the talent displayed in the world of Spoken Word for all of the world to enjoy.


~ I Am Love ~

Written By: ~Trinity~

They call me a dying last breed
I am like a haunting waltz
From frame to frame I change
Like a chameleon of sorts
Moving and violating emotions
From second to second . . .
I can make you want to cut
Your soul and bleed on life
See yet disbelieve
And have manic thoughts of
Heightened intensities
So much so that you would take
Anything to quench your thirst for
me! Alone even in a room full of
people. All because I crept into
your life . . .
I am bright colors on a canvas
I am darkness! I create hate.
I excite passion. I can make you
Over step your boundaries yet at
The same time keeps them . . .
I can make you leave the one you
are with. I cause dissention among
A few and tirades among many . . .
I cause some to lie and game
I cause you to continue to live a
Life with those that trample you under foot...
I allow you to dream . . . O H!
Such beautiful dreams of devotion
And everlastings . . . Happily ever
after’s. . .

I am the one they call Love!
Love is my name!
To define me unabridged or
Otherwise no antonym or synonym
Can quite stand up to me . . .
I am Love...
I can cause you to loose yourself
In yourself arrogance . . .
I can cause you to lie just to keep her . . .
I can cause you to leave
You don’t hurt them
I am all omnipotent
I am Love!


Written By: Trinity

~ Chocolate ~

Hey Love,
Of course I miss you. There is no question about that, and for that matter there shouldn't even be a question about how much!
You helped my sun rise for awhile there, and if my ego was null and void you definitely gave me one. You set a stage that I don't believe any other man can achieve. I can never leave you lonely.

You are truly a treasure untroved a menace to my heart and mind never to be forgotten nor neglected. You stir a fire inside that has been un touched by worthy hands for so long that the agony of your touch set me reeling into a passion unknown to even myself. You sent me wanting and begging for more of you, dreaming of you and feeling every touch all over again, leaving me panting from just the mere thought of YOU. These just my thoughts keep me going from day to day for in the end I know that I will be in your arms feeling your kiss indulging myself in your fire never to be extinct again.
Please by all means let me know how much you miss me make feel guilty, for if that is the only punishment for being without you I deserve that for I Miss You Too! Please don't think of this, as bullshit for you are a force that all should beware of for a mere kiss will keep you enchanted. It's sweet nectar is forever embraced by my lips never to be washed away through any storm. There are no words to describe the bond and magnetism that I feel roaring through my veins. We together are like the hottest fire ever burned and by all means I want to be your burning bush. Forever my love is to long to promise, but if everyday could be like the last days encompassed by our passion I will travel to the highest plain if only to savor that memory.

Missing you much,

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