Trinity FSG

Trinity FSG


Progressive Power Trio- A Christian power trio with a classic rock/retro feel and a heart for evangelization. A very tight trio with an exciting live show.


Trinity FSG has a classic rock/retro late 80's early 90's feel. Influenced heavily by bands such as Rush, The Police, Grand Funk Railroad, The Who, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel. Their music can be complex utilizing sudden stops and orcestrated riffs, or pleasantly simple. Trinity FSG strives to bring different elements to their live show, well rehearsed complex music, stage presence including notable wardrobe, injecting Gods word and biblical teaching in relation to the subject matter of their songs, and lots of crowd participation. The members of Trinity FSG all have a story to tell of how God has changed their lives. All three members come from secular backrounds and give testimony as to how God has chaged their lives.


Trinity FSG's debut CD " The Valley Of Dry Bones."
Ten tracks of original music. Seven of which have received radio air time internationally.

Set List

The Accuser
I Am
Awesome God ( worship)
I Believe
Unsaved Souls
Refiners Fire (worship)
Mighty Cross
Inside Me
Day Of Reckoning
In your Eyes
Let the River Flow (worship)
Song Of A Sinful Man
A New Day
All For Us
Hello Hello Hello
Sweet Wind ( worship)

Set lists are either performed in two 45 minute sets or one, 1 and a half hour show.