Trinity River Band

Trinity River Band


"Great songs and great singing, Trinity River has an incredibly close and beautiful harmony, Miss Sarah Harris is a fantastically gifted and emotional singer. I look for great things from this band from Florida!" - Larry Cordle (Grammy Nominee & Award Winning Writer)


Trinity River Band is a full time touring professional bluegrass, country and gospel band from Callahan, Florida and they have steadily been winning fans and devotees with their high-energy performances, impeccable vocal harmonies and inspiring music. Since their beginning in 2008, they have progressed steadily toward the tight and professional sound they are known for today.

Trinity River is comprised of guitarist and vocalist Mike, who is becoming well respected for his songwriting. Bassist and vocalist Lisa and Joshua on banjo, dobro and vocals. Petite in stature, but abounding in vocal strength, lead vocalist and mandolinist Sarah Harris is well on her way to being one of the most well known and powerful singer in Bluegrass.


"Little Old Church" released 2010
"Beside The Window" released 2011
"It's Time to Move" released 2012
"Lincoln County Jail" released 2012

Trinity River Band has enjoyed much acclaim, from fans as well as critics within the music industry itself. The band's most recent single, "On my way to you, Love" is in rotation on radio stations across the United States and as far away as the Netherlands and Europe.

Trinity River is excited to release thier 5th bluegrass and country CD project at Two Old Hippies in downtown Nashville on April 9, 2013!