Trinity Shaye

Trinity Shaye


I am a southern california cowgirl. Country at heart with an island care-free influence.


I write music in all different styles and genres. I sing the songs I feel I have an honest connection with and can deliver a true performance with.
I am a big girl, with big ideas, and a big voice.


Drink, Don't Drive

Written By: Trinity Schramm

These days,
I cant afford gas..
Cant afford to water my grass
Cant even afford paper, to wipe my own- glass..

In world where everything has a price..
And the cost of life, is anything but nice.
When the world hits you hard,
You can walk in here
And I’ll hand you a beer
And say

Drink! Don’t’ drive!
Cuz beer is cheaper than gas
So have a long neck!
Down a cold one!
Take a deep breath and relax..
If the world hands you lemons,
DON’T make lemonade
Slice it up, and I’ll pour you up,
A tequilla shot or two.
When beer is cheaper than gas,
Have a drink, don’t drive, and relax!

Plastic money,
Sure isnt funny
When the bills start to pile up
And dodging the phone calls
From credit card companies,
I got too many bills,
Plenty of skills,
But no employer to fill..
My bank account.


it’d sure be great,
if I could find a way to make
the money I need to get by
o and wouldn’t be nice,
if everything didn’t have a price
we might all be able to get through..
instead of wonderin how the HELLwe’re sposed to
pay our way from yesterday to today.


beer is CHEAPER than gas.. so have DRINK! Don’t DRIVE, and relax!

Before I've had my Coffee

Written By: Trinity Schramm

Most days I wake up,
Still half asleep
With my hair stickin up,
Somethin from hal-lo-ween
my eyes hang half shut,
and I shuffle around,
my pjs hangin on,
by their very last threads..

OO. if you can love me
In the mornin,
Right after I wake up,
Before I’ve had a chance,
To fill my coffee cup
When I look like a zombie,
If you still like what you see,
You just might be the one..
If you can love me,
Before I’ve had my cup of coffee.

Yea sometimes I wake up
With a nasty attitude..
And im not exactly
Sure why I do what I do
The road to the kitchen
Is ruff and hard,
And I don’t remember the walk
Or that talks before..
I’ve really woken up


yea I know im not the nicest person,
between my pillow and my kitchen
and there’s nothin cute about
my monster afro
but if you can laugh at my faults,
and realize the results,
of those 5 minutes in the kitchen,
it’s a transformation!


yea.. you just might be the one..
if you can love me..
before I’ve had my coffee


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