Three Greek musicians with so many musical elements in common but also so many different listenings, share their origin from the area of the Balkans (Greek Macedonia) and fuse on the sounds of jazz, funk and more musical styles!


The TRIO BALKANO was formed in 1999 by experienced musicians seeking ways of expressing their deep-rooted experienced of greek musical tradition – following paths traced over many centuries but unwilling to be confined purely to conventional folk music.
The distinctive sound of the TRIO BALCANO is a distillation of jazz and material drawn from their own experience of both Greek tradition and contemporary Balkan music. They refuse to be pigeonholed in one narrow musical category, continually seeking their way through the diversity of their musical environment and through memories handed down through both space and time.
Originality, versatility, emotional power-these are the distinctive characteristics of the Trio’s music. They allow themselves to be distracted only by their own imagination, and the interactions between the sounds they produce – generating in the process a creative and very contemporary identity.


"Some time NOW", Melissa Music