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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Berliner Morgenpost"

"...Trio Bravo dares to make an attempt between serious and light music in the most varied contexts." - Berliner Morgenpost March 14 2000

"Die Welt"

"...and then they come "rocking" as if Russian Folklore and Punk Music were about to get married." - Die Welt February 03 2001

"Sylter Rundschau"

"...A work of art that sends the audience on an emotional roller-coster ride" - Sylter Rundschau July 27 2001

"Der Tagespiegel"

"A heart and homeland evening for human beings." - Der Tagespiegel October 21 2002

"The Scotsman"

"...The band plays on, creating shades of light and dark with their sometimes melancholy, but largely exuberant, compositions." - The Scotsman August 13 2005

"Neue Westfälische"

"They perform as completely persuasive cosmopolitans in terms of music, a demanding, ambitious dissolution and cancellation of borders and styles.." - Neue Westfälische November 10 2005

"Westfälischer Anzeiger"

"There you could immerse into perfectly performed tone qualities, never heard like this before,
and then enjoy the impressions created within." - Westfälischer AnzeigerNovember 17 2005

"Gala / 4 Stars"

Trio Bravo+ combines Balkan folk with chanson appeal and classical elements. No singing - just instruments (piano, violin, bass, drums, organ). This quartette’s live record shows how enthralling and refined it can sound: melancholic, delicate, then dramatic and stirring. - Gala / March 27 2008


...the simple “Bravo” means stylistic freedom as well, a freedom fully enjoyed as it wanders through the seemingly contrary realms of classical, jazz and folklore to land happily in completely new styles.The emotional interaction with the music, along with technical brilliance, that’s the big plus of these four musicians. A pause in their music often says much more than a daring succession of harmonies, the reverberation of a single note carries more weight than the bass of a Jamaican sound system. The wave of success Trio Bravo is riding can best be compared to the unexpected success of Yann Tiersen’s film music for Amélie or that of Quartetto Nuevo, both of which also did wonderfully with hardly any advertising, the music clearly asserting itself with sheer quality. It can still be done.. - Jazzthetik 4/2008

"Jazz Thing"

The charming mix of this international foursome combines Slavic melancholy with Mediterranean ease, and may be so hard to grasp just because of this. At the very latest though, the little hit “Wiener Würstchen” makes everything click into place and you enjoy the concert with zeal. - Jazz Thing April/May 2008


1998 Auf dem Weg (Eigenproduktion)
2000 Zoellner (Dirk Zoellner) Classics (Zug Records)
2002 Panzerkreuzer Potemkin (Eigenproduktion)
2002 Grenzverkehr (Eigenproduktion)
2003 Menschen am Sonntag (Ozella Music OZ 019 CD)
2004 Balagan/Balagan (Eigenproduktion nicht identisch mit OZ 017 CD)
2008 Balagan/Balagan (Ozella Music OZ 017 CD)
2008 Live (DVD) (Ozella Music OZ 018 DVD)
2008 Live (Ozella Music OZ 019 CD)

2003 Ozella Compilation Noon (OZ 92003 CD)
2003 Ozella Compilation Night (OZ 92003 CD)
2008 The Sound Vol. 2 Acoustic Peace (Ozella Lounge OZL 22009 CD)



In concerts Trio Bravo+ blithely ignores the usual musical categories and labels, regularly putting the promoters at a loss of words to be used in announcements. Original compositions and the virtuoso interpretation of traditional music create a style all of its own. Solid artistic handicraft and artful composition connect classical and eastern European music with quotes from Rock and Pop. While “Troika” puts the audience in the solitude and width of the Taiga, “Battleship Potemkin” vividly reflects the revolutionary confusions of czarist Russia, or “Inter-City-Express” is pure rhythm on a high-speed train.
All the intensity, the devotion, the melancholy and comic ease make the question for categories insignificant. Trio Bravo performs throughout Europe from Berlin to Bilbao withfull-length concerts, at festivals or at receptions.