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Tri-o-Click is the grind, the ride & the shine of this new hip hop\rap era. Tri-O-Click is a blend of various styles such as rap/reggae, rap/dancehall, rap/reggeaton , crunk other words ... WE HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BURN YOUR ROOF DOWN!!!!!! check us out on


LOBO & HEAVY , a combination of mind body and soul , together they form Tri-O-Click.

Lobo: The one half of Tri-o-Click was born in Santiago de Chile & raised in Montreal. Lobo meaning wolf in spanish, he heats up the Tri sauce by spicing it with spanglish flows,catchy punchlines and tongue twisting lyrical manoeuvers . He is also behind the production, the beats and the flavour that combines ...Tri-O-click as one.

Heavy: The other half of the Tri was raised in the dirty streets of Montreal . Heavy delivers the truth for those who seek it in music, he spits raw energy from the soul and strikes the eardrum with tasteful flows.He developed a poetic justice to his rhyming style by taking the weight of life and expressing his visions through-out his lyrics.

It's a TRI THANG!!! A combination united by Mind, Body, and Soul. Together they are like a trinity, with spanglish flows, rudeboy slang and music that burn's the soul with hot rythms & heart pounding beats. Tri-O-Click is the sound and the voice of 2 individuals reaching a new level of cultural bond, through out there music they speak of everyday urban and ghetto life, good times & bad times, money , honeys , friends and foes, club life , street life , ... . There lyrics strikes the ear and hits the heart , there music makes the body vibrate like a high voltage to the soul. No matter what... YOU WILL BE TOUCHED!




Arabian Nights

Written By: Tri-o-Click

''...she takes everything from your money to your blatter , watch that gall with a devilish grin , Arabian Nights oh oh what a thing!" Heavy

"...she looks so dangerous , moviendo la cadera como una serpiente, im not affraid no! she aint a stank h*e, she's just a honey gettin' naughty on tha dancefloor..." Lobo


Written By: Tri-o-Click

"...this be the TRI-Zone /once you step in you get your mind blown..." Lobo

"...its a beautyful beautyful day in my neighborhood/tri-o-click members is up to no good/up on tha block selling the goods..." Heavy


heavy & Lobo are working on their first cd as a group. In the past they've both worked on different projects such as:

-Lobo: Oblivion 1999 (lobo's 1st demo release)
with songs like The world cries, Lyrical dope & more.

-Symphonix : a duo with Megga (from latin image)
songs:Masterpiece, D.D.F, Lose Controle, & more

-Metazon compilation (produced by Lobo & Coloma)
songs: semilla de Amor ,Like a million metaphores , Caliente & more
along with 3 other members including Megga. An album that sparked interest at the CMW 2002.

-Lets get down to business (Widget feat. Heavy)Smp2006.
with only one verse to his repertoire, Heavy's past was mostly concentrated on freestyle & beatbox, till he connected with Lobo and got his voice heard on a list of tracks that keeps getting bigger!

Set List

5 to 10 songs
1-arabian nights
4-grind, ride & shine (like this)
5-come & goes
6-on tha floor
7-lock & shake
9-uh uh ( i heard u wanna ...)
10-ghett hot

2 sets/10 min approx. /1 intermission 5 min=20 to 40 min. approx.