r e v i s t a   do samba

r e v i s t a do samba


r e v i s t a do samba sings the Brazilian soul. "Less is more" fits well for this small ensemble, specialist in many of the different styles and nuances of samba rythms.


r e v i s t a do samba with Beto Bianchi - guitar, Letícia Coura - vocals and Cavaquinho and Vitor da Trindade - percussion, has existed in São Paulo since 1999. On their first CD of the same name, r e v i s t a do samba goes back to the roots of samba and put its diverse history on parade. On the second "Outras Bossas" they fly for new proposals. On the third CD "Revista Bixiga Oficina do Samba" - a research on the sambas of a very special district of São Paulo, Bixiga, the trio invites more than 40 people to work with them on it. Refreshingly alive and free of nostalgic pathos, r e v i s t a do samba present their minimal arrangements of sambas, presenting great composers, along with samba classics, "milestones", and some nearly forgotten songs, besides compositions of their own.
One of the classics in their repertoire is, "Pelo Telefone", the song regarded as the first recorded samba. This song's success established samba as a musical style and "the" music of the Brazilian carnival.
Since the band was formed, Coura, Bianchi and da Trindade, have been showing a part of the rich and mixed culture of Brazil, specially their love for samba in a brilliant career performing throughout Brazil and the world.
Live, the trio brings to the audience different possibilities to recall an atmosphere of Brazilian parties, in particular, the carnival, interpreting the songs on a way to build a bridge between the past, present and future of the gender.
Live, r e v i s t a do samba captivate with their supreme ease and presence. The charismatic singer/actress Letícia knows just how to stage the songs, guitarist Beto provides the calm pole and percussionist Vitor sets the impetuous accents.
With the lightest of modern sensibilities, r e v i s t a do samba revive the feeling of what samba was like at its height, both live and on album.

"This small ensemble thrives to bring you the original Samba, from the time when it truly was the almost exclusive expression of B r a z i l i a n people. Both sensuous and poetical it mirrors the tremors of its society. By bringing the best Samba scores by great composers r e v i s t a do samba and its three members offer a fun, didactic and very enjoyable journey"


2002 - revista do samba
2005 - outras bossas
2006 - revista bixiga oficina do samba
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Set List

the shows run from sets of 45 minutes to 2:00 hours depending on the request. On their repertoire revista do samba plays covers and own compositions.
refer to the website - www.revistadosamba.com.br to listen to tracks.