Trio slicnaton

Trio slicnaton


Trio slicnaton plays the music of composer, bassist and producer Nicholas Slaton. Slaton writes pieces with built in improvisation creating detailed drones and active ambiance, regularly featuring horns and strings mixed with live electronics and looping


Trio slicnaton fits squarely between european free improviastion and modern electronic music typically sharing playlists with artist as diverse like Albert Ayler and Aphex Twin. Think free jazz improvisation gone Stockhausen.


noisefloor EP 2008

Trio slicnaton Glinkowski Slaton Sparacino 2008

Mahlon Hoard slicnaton 2006

Set List

We play music which is half improvised and half composed. Each set usually has several points which could be considered song endings although it would be difficult to predict when in the set they would occur. We play between 20 minuets to 1 hour sets. No covers.