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Trip 7




Never before have you ever heard a band that could transcend as
many genre's as Trip Seven. This band has the power to captivate
anyone at anytime and at any at any age.

What more could you expect from 4 guys that grew up in the
hard working industry city of Fort Smith, Arkansas? "We are children
of the 80's, son's of the baby boomers, a destination
unknown/generation X.

On March 7 of 2005 long time musical duo and friends Joey Farr
and Gabriel Berry saw long time friend and Ben Horton at Rooster's
Blues Bar in Downtown Fort Smith. At that time Joey and Gabriel were
starting a "new" band from a foundation the two had worked on from
1999. March 7 was the night slotted for the first band practice, but
the first bassist in mind had flaked out. Imagine that? So that night,
bummed out about the no show Jaco, they go to have a beer and talk
over options. Benny HO!!!!!

777 played their first Show @ Ava's Village Pub, Sunday March
20th 2005. The gig was a birthday party for a friend named Jenna.
She is the one responsible for the actual name "Trip Seven". We got
sick of saying "Seven Seven Seven" so we would just say "Triple
Seven". Then as the drunken night progressed, she rang out the
famous words "TRIP SEVEN ROCKS". And that's history. That
Sunday was the first time "Trip Seven" ever stepped on a stage.
Soon after that Trip Seven was booked solid at almost every venue in
Fort Smith every weekend after that for a year.

From March 20th 2005 through Jan 1st of 2006 Trip Seven
played over 50 shows. On the One year birthday of Trip Seven they
will have played at least 77.7 shows. (yes i said point seven)

What better way to celebrate the one year birthday of a band
than with the recording of a Debut Album? Well, I guess you would go
on tour. Thats just what Trip Seven will be doing this 2006.

The Trip 7 Formula:

Joey Farr: Born March 28th 1981
The only place to start is his guitar playing, he has been compared to
the likes of John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani,
and just about every other shredder. "I am a Musician before I am a
Guitarist, Guitar is just the easiest way for me to express the sounds
in my mind". His lyrics are captivating, as if he were revealing the
secrets of the earth, "I try to write songs about things other than deep
rooted theological, astrological, or spiritual things, and I do, but it
always comes back down to that subject."

Other Bands: Whurm, Freek Speely, Excelsior, Closet Farmers,
KannonBall Express, Junk Funktion

Ben Horton: Born October 9th, 1983
"Benny HO" An Incredible Musician all around as well a Bass, Ben
host a vast musical knowledge. His ability to mix funk with difficult
passages, makes him the perfect bassist for a power trio. Ben is one
of the most open minded and versatile Bassist. It's hard to put a
finger on his style other that "extreme eclectic". Watch out when he
stomps on a box and plows over you with a "Bass Solo". His sound
would be somewhere in the realm of Paul Mcartney, Les Claypool,
Victor Wooten, or Stu Hamm.
Other Bands: Whurm, Lounge Lobby, Excelsior

Gabriel Berry: Born December 9th, 1983
Very Talented, Raw Emotion, He is the "Listeners Drummer" Exactly
what you want to hear at exactly the right time. He has the feel of a
new age Nick Mason from Pink Floyd but with a Metal/funk/bluegrass
edge. Gabriel is the music fanatic of the band. He is always listening
to something new, always bringing good element to the table. Quite
possibly the greatest "AIR" musician of all time. "This guy is always
ready to Rock".
Other Bands: Excelsior, KannonBall Express, Junk Funktion

They have an extensive catalog of Originals spanning 1999-present
along with an extensive catalog of Cover/Renditions of bands like,
Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, Sublime, Hendrix, Beatles, Smashing
Pumpkins, Phish, Greatful Dead, Doors and many more. Trip 7 is
sure to keep any party rockin till dawn. (literally)

The origin of the name Trip Seven began with Joey's obsession with
the number 7, The first shows were booked as 777. Soon after
people would call them Triple Seven, and then Finally "Trip Seven.
But the concept remained the same, anything that involves the
concept of 3 7's is Trip 7. When asked about the name Joey replies,
"its a bold statement".


Trip Seven.....Self Titled
Trip Seven Live in 2005

Set List

This was our set list for 12-31-05
Classic Rock Medley in A minor
In the flesh, Kansas COMWS, Sweet Leaf, Hungarian Rhapsody, Ocean

Memphis 5 min

Voodoo Chile 5 min

Rocket into FreeBird solo, end and sustain into Foxy Lady 12 min

Dexters Lab 4 min

Friend of the Devil 3 min

Slow children @ Play 4 min

Psycho Killer
into Hold "A" keep the kick and Stomp into
Life During Wartime 12 min

Sex N Draguns 4 min

Bad Fish into Norw Wood 10-12 min

Shine on you Crazy Diamond 7 min

Moons over el salvador 5 min

Born under Punches 7 min

Fire on the mountain 7 min

Thank god she's a pick eater 7 min

Popcicle 12 min

Alpha 8 min

Guitar wants to kill your mama
Burning Down the House 10 min

Crux 4 min

Garden Grove/Legalize It 7 min

Didlee/Lil Ball/ Revealed 20 min

Sympathy 4 the devil 7 min

Pink Floyd Medley in D 15 min
Brick in Wall
Run Like Hell
Numb Second Half

Voodo Chile, Franky T, In the Meantime, Eye, Friend of the Devil