Santa Barbara, California, USA

A Rock band from Santa Barbara, CA.


Tripdavon: Rock’s Newest Rambling Men

Across highways and low roads, on four restless wheels and tireless tires, the Tripdavon tour bus – fueled by a combination of its own diesel and the unlimited potential of its passengers – devours pavement en route to its next destination. And whether this coach and its crew are advancing toward new adventures or untapped sonic possibilities, they are always moving forward on the road to rock greatness.

Tripdavon came together in 2004 and started out playing the nonstop party scene around U.C. Santa Barbara. Friends since childhood, singer Justin Fox and drummer Russ Cummings had played music together for many years. But not until a chance encounter led them to guitarist Greg Doscher and bassist Dave Heer did the band actually start to take shape. A few short years later the guys were playing venues like the Knitting Factory, House of Blues, and the historic Royal Albert Hall, and even touring the world with Eric Burdon of War and The Animals – a far cry from the keggers and local clubs where they cut their chops.

Just as a rolling stone gathers no moss, an evolving band accrues no confining labels. And that’s exactly how Tripdavon likes it. The group defies all labels but one: they are, to the core, a rock band and they’re not trying to be anything but a rock band. No “alt-”; no “indie-”; no hyphens. Strictly rock. Yet the guys constantly tap into, and are influenced by, many other musical styles. (Just not reggae. If you’ve spent any time in coastal California surf towns, you understand.) But whether savoring Latin jazz flair or old funk grooves, these guys always make sure their sound rocks. They don’t have a platform or agenda. They’re not attempting to redefine genres. They are simply four guys from very different artistic backgrounds united by their love of music and insatiable hunger for new adventures and creative frontiers.

Tripdavon’s first, self-titled release heralded the band’s arrival with powerful melodies, heavy riffs and soulful vocals. As they wrote their sophomore album, The Enlightened Operative, the guys really wanted to amp up the intensity of their sound. So they enlisted veteran music producer Sylvia Massy Shivy – who had previously produced Prince, Tool, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, among many other notable artists – to achieve a more cohesive, mature and artfully produced album. On Sketches from Silence, their latest offering, Tripdavon rose to yet another stage of musical evolution, channeling the experience and knowledge gained from working with Sylvia to produce the album on their own. But this time, envisioning an even further advanced sound, they combined the melodic tones of the original release with the more visceral guitar rock of their second and infused it with altogether new artistic influences.

With their destination forever ahead, Tripdavon knows there’s no time to stand still. It’s this ramblin’ band mentality that ceaselessly drives them to do what they love most – make great rock music – while hopefully inspiring good feelings and memorable experiences at the same time. In just the last five years, they have not only performed and toured the world with Burdon, they’ve also provided support for Dishwalla, The Ataris, Fuel, Poison, The Doobie Brothers, Whitesnake, and The Bravery. They scored a national TV debut on HBO’s hit show Entourage with their song “Nothing or All,” reached #2 on the MySpace Music Charts, and beat thousands of bands across the nation to be named Famecast Fenoms for 2007. Somehow during all of this, the guys also found time to join the Armed Forces Entertainment Tour and perform for more than 50,000 U.S. troops stationed in the Pacific, singlehandedly raise more than $15,000 to aid Hurricane Katrina victims, contribute to Project Greenhouse, support CASA (a group that helps at-risk youth), and take part in many other important humanitarian efforts too numerous to list.

Now with the third album on its way, Tripdavon is once again gearing up to hit the road. And having amassed a small army of loyal fans in Europe from the last tour, they’re headed back to kickoff the new material. But the journey doesn’t end there. When they finish rocking their way through the old country, the band will head home to continue touring across the U.S. Meanwhile, with no rest for these weary travelers, they’ll also keep working to have their music featured in new outlets across radio, television, the web, and other channels. In fact, three songs from The Enlightened Operative have been chosen for the soundtrack of the upcoming film, The Harsh Life of Veronica Lambert.

Beyond that, the opportunities stretch as far as the horizon unfolding endlessly ahead of their tour bus. And whether it’s their dream of rocking Madison Square Garden, playing the Grammys, or selling out their hometown Santa Barbara Bowl, these guys know it only takes one singular moment in this journey to turn possibilities into re


Sketches From Silence - NEW

The Enlightened Operative
Tripdavon: Tripdavon.

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Set List

Numbing Down
Four Hundred Lives
Far From Grace
Never Let You Go
Eleanor Rigby (Beatles cover)
Rusted Teeth
Russ & Dave Special (drum and bass solo)
Lithia Breeze
More Than I Can Bear
Lying Within
Rockin’ or Billie Jean (both covers)

This is just a sample setlist. We change our set regularly.