Trip Fisk

Trip Fisk


TRIP FISK is an Avant-Groove Neo-Rhythmic quartet that fuses classic jazz with youthful experimentation of time signatures and key varitation. The group will intregue the seasoned musician as well as captivate the untrained ear of the unsuspecting concert attendee.


TRIP FISK abducts its inspiration from classic jazz, while using contemporary grooves to concoct a unique blend of free jazz, bumping vibrations, and adept artistry. TRIP FISK started in the spring of 2007 when Corey Levesque on upright bass, Andy Fordyce on drum set and Whit Love on guitar, started to play together to satisfy cravings for making music. Phil Reese of lowercase p spent some time with the trio and shared some experience and wisdom, while still concentrating on LP as his main project. Starting in late summer 2007, Seth Bailin started to play with the group as a permanent fixture, on tenor saxophone. The band was now complete. Combining technique with natural talent, these four energetic musicians create an intellectual sound that is not to be missed. Inspired by musicians like Wes Montgomery, Skerik, John Coletrane, John Scofield, Medeski Martin and Wood, Ray Brown, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams, TRIP FISK blends styles to develop an origional sound only defined by their live performances. TRIP FISK is currently working in the studio to record the freshest Avant-Groove Neo-Rythmic Love Jazz record that the world will have the pleasure of hearing.


Most live shows are recorded and used on our myspace page. These live recordings include the popular tracks: Don't Tase Me Bro, Gold Tooth and Spy Plus. TRIP FISK is currently in the studio recording their self titled debut.

Set List

TRIP FISK's set list includes most origional tunes including: Riverhawk Rumba, 9 to 5 and Two Percent. Incorperating covers into a set is not unusual. TRIP FISK's covers include John Scofields Hot 'n' Tot and A Go Go, Dave Holland's How's Never? , as well as jazz standards like Freedom Jazz Dance, Impressions, and Solar. Live sets can last up to and past two hours.